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Tue, March 19

Rants & Raves: Nov. 26, 2017

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  • Prescott elections have worked well on a nonpartisan basis. We are ahead of the curve and this philosophy will help our city government remain above the current fray of dissension between political parties and ideology.

  • Our society is ravaged with violence of all kinds. Trying to do away with gun violence with added laws does not do any good. We need to arm citizens as a deterrent.

  • Several days ago I fell in Costco’s parking lot – ending up with a bloody arm. Two guys and a gal in the back office were there for me, cleaning and bandaging it. They were professional and gracious. Thank you.

  • Death of Charles Manson: Very disheartening to see his face in the news. Doesn’t deserve the attention.

  • Deep Well to build 8,000 homes? Unbelievable! With all the other developments going in and the Big Chino pipeline not even approved, where will the water come from? Where is the sense in this?

  • PVPD police chief loses gun: It is clearly very dangerous to forget a weapon in the public library bathroom. That could have led to a mass tragedy.

  • Why wasn’t the PVPD chief’s weapon not holstered? We can all hope a child has not found it.

  • How can 8,000 homes, with an option for more, be considered a “deal”? Only with a developer friendly city government can this happen.

  • Wow, 2,000 fewer homes; means 5,000 fewer people, 3,000 fewer cars. Talk about a major downsizing of Deep Well by the Prescott City Council. Heaven help our community in 20 to 30 years!

  • It is about time that we let our elected leaders do their job. Everyone thinks they can do a better job. This goes for our President and our local officials. They all won their respective positions. They are the professionals!

  • Anti-Trump stories and messages do not change the way most of Prescott’s citizens think about our President. We are steadfast believers in what is right, and what is honorable. We will never change!

  • Thank you once again to True Value for the wonderful Ladies’ Night they put on once a year. What a beautiful way to thank your customers.

  • Sorry about your goof, Chief. I made a mistake myself once – about 10 years ago: I thought I was wrong, but I was right. – one of your fans.

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