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Sat, Oct. 19

Letter: Contrasting letters


Robert Graybehl’s “Get a Grip” letter of Nov. 10, and Larry Wonderling’s “Beware zealotry” response of Nov. 16 present an interesting study in contrast. I don’t know Mr. Graybehl, but I would bet he is a genuine hard-working pragmatist who served his country, provided for his family, paid his taxes, and made no excuses for anything. Let’s give him an honorary Ph.D. in “Real World Studies.” Then, along comes Dr. Wonderling who was “troubled” by everything Mr. Graybehl wrote. I don’t know Dr. Wondering either, but I have met plenty of over-educated Ph.Ds., most of whom are text book smart and real world naive liberals living in a fantasy world where no one is to blame for their status in life, everything is the fault of someone or something else, and negotiation is the answer to all problems. Dr. Wonderling clearly believes that the U.S. can successfully negotiate or “compromise” with psychotic Kim Jong-un, ISIS, Iran, and all other haters of America. He probably can’t understand why the Jews couldn’t negotiate with the Nazis. “Who would you rather live next to” asks Mr. Graybehl. I’ll take the Graybehls of the world any day.

Wayne Compton


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