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Thu, Feb. 21
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Ask the Contractor: Many reasons to give thanks this season
Let’s consider our good fortune and choose to be our best selves

This holiday above all others brings to mind different thoughts for all of us. For some of us, it marks the beginning of a holiday season; for others it is about shopping and parties and family get-togethers; and then there are others who have thoughts of the year being over in less than 40 days.

And then, let’s not forget the feast, the football, the family, the friends and our faith. Thanksgiving is a day to pause and reflect upon the blessings in our life. It is a day to consider just how fortunate we are. Let’s face facts: It has been a tough year for many; our friends, our family and strangers and the very being of our souls continues to be affected day and night.

It is during these times that we need to take a breath and examine things in our respective lives and determine what we are truly thankful for is gravely important. We all do it — we get caught up in the negative and the stress in our lives and overlook the things that make each of us fortunate in our own ways. Let’s start to focus on the positive and give thanks to those things and people that we are the most grateful for.

Being our best self is the result of every choice we make. Things change and no matter how much they change, one thing remains the same and that is every day we get to define what makes us the version of the person we want to be.

For instance, I am thankful for many of the groups and citizens living here that bring forth ideas and challenge one another through robust debate and share heartfelt concerns and together being able to guide growth and preserve Prescott and our surrounding communities for generations to come. I am thankful for our local leaders, our Chambers of Commerce, Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Boys and Girls Club, YEI and so many other groups and businesses that contribute to the growth and health of Prescott and our community neighbors. I am thankful for our builders and developers the heartbeat and pulse of Yavapai County, and all of the YCCA members who have a visionary insight that unites business and environmental interests into one goal.

All of these people and companies offer whatever gifts are within their power — hospitality, service, sacrifice, material, donations and time. Generous giving begets real gratitude and gratitude goes hand in hand with joy.

YCCA serves as one of the major building blocks for our community. Together with others we are here for the community and the citizens. I am thankful for our top-notch organization that is here to assist the citizens in Yavapai County when they need to hire a contractor, offer education and information on how our citizens can protect themselves from unscrupulous contractors. I am thankful for our organization and members who step up when a campaign for the betterment is needed. I am thankful that YCCA is comprised of people and companies that have a great sense of generosity and community pride and sacrifice.

There is so much giving, grace inspiration and deliciousness in this community. We know that, like other great communities we must push for a better performance, we must grow to a new dimension. We can all affect positive change within our family, our community and beyond.

We all have a lot to be thankful for, or let’s say appreciate, about where we live, the jobs we do have, our family, our health, the sunrise, neighbors, friends, business associates and the beautiful full moon we see rise over our mountains every month without fail, and freedom.

Food is an afterthought this Thanksgiving; we must remember to look forward to life as a feast and the stage for a dramatic play of our areas coming together.

Whatever holidays you observe or traditions you uphold, the end of the year is a time of reflection, coming together and showing gratitude. I give thanks every day for the opportunity to work in such a fine setting and stunning surroundings as Prescott and partner communities that we live, work and play in. What an honor to work for you and what an honor to know so many people and organizations that help improve the lives of many in big and small ways. Let’s all be grateful so we can continue to help each other to be our best selves, inside and out.

I hope November is one of your favorite times of the year. The crisp air that wakes us up and we can feel it when we breathe and the bright blue skies that bring smiles to our face and then the other reason to love November: Thanksgiving. We need to be thankful for all that we have and we must be reminded to live our life fully and consciously.

Warmest wishes for a joyous Thanksgiving.

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