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Sat, March 23

Letter: A lot of fallout


I’m convinced Americans have lost their minds. Out of 780 people polled, 59.3 percent support the use of nuclear weapons. (Courier, Oct. 24). First people elect Donald Trump, a man totally unqualified for the job as well as ethically and morally bankrupt, now many are legitimatizing the use of nuclear weapons! Have they forgot about duck and cover, the U.S.-Soviet arms race, 60,000 nuclear weapons, nuclear winter, and movies like “On the Beach,” “War Games,” “The Day After” and “Testament”?

Wake up! Using a nuclear bomb is not like using a conventional bomb. The radioactive fallout does not stay put and goes where the wind takes it. As early as 1946 after the initial testing of a nuclear bomb at Alamogordo, New Mexico, Kodak customers started complaining about film they had bought coming out fogged. Eastman Kodak investigated, and found the corn husks from Indiana they were using as packing materials were contaminated with the radioactive isotope iodine-131.

Kodak kept this exposure silent. With the continued testing of nuclear bombs at Mercury, Nevada, radioactive strontium 90 began showing up in cow’s milk from the grass they had eaten. After the nuclear power accident at Chernobyl, radioactive deposits were found in almost every European country with the Scandinavian countries severely contaminated. It is horrible that we can accept the killing of thousands of civilians with conventional bombs. With nuclear bombs the total number killed and sickened will not be known for years!

Marion Pack



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