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Rants & Raves: Nov. 5, 2017

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  • No excessive barking regulation? Too many areas sound like the back side of the dog pound already. Inconsiderate dog owners who allow dogs to disrupt others’ peaceful enjoyment of their own properties need some guidance.
  • Water! Water! Water! Would Deep Well have to “pay” for the costs of the Big Chino pipeline? Why build in the flight path of Love Field? Stop the rush to “approve”! This is NOT an executive meeting issue!
  • Deep Well Ranch owners have rights too – and they’re being reasonable. They “could” bypass this mess and sell 40-acre parcels, and we wouldn’t want that!
  • Thank you, Willow Creek Restaurant. The “doggy” patio was fun. The food and music were great and my girls loved the Halloween treats.
  • Look at the traffic on Willow Creek Road. It is already getting worse by the day and an additional 10K homes (20K additional cars) will make that road a disaster. We moved to Prescott to get away from the traffic.
  • Cap Deep Well at 4,500 units. Five multifamily units per acre-foot times 900 equals 4,500. Negotiate additional units when the Big Chino pipeline is approved. Courts defer to legislative acts unless decisions are arbitrary and capricious.
  • The Kirkland mine is not a good idea. Just because you can do something, does not mean you should. I’ll come visit you in the hospital.
  • The naysayers to open the Kirkland mine just do not want any kind of expansion of growth of businesses and housing. My family is familiar with this site and we welcome new mining.
  • RE: Deep Well Ranch. People have varying ideas where they want growth to stop. The city and county have hired and elected intelligent officials dealing with growth. Can we move forward now?
  • Gun safety is like people operating a motor vehicle. Drivers always have safety in mind but once in a great while, you may miss something because of a distraction. We are humans and we are not perfect!
  • Storing your gun in the car leaves you without it when needed. Conceal-carry always.
  • Mountain towns cannot have smog. It just can’t happen. Prescott has been preparing for heavy traffic for years. Our roads and highways and can handle a whole lot more traffic than what we see now.

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