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Thu, March 21

Column: Serious problems, amateur distractions

Troops in Afghanistan.


Allegation Trump gave secrets.


Trump seems to confirm.


Trump: He didn’t think presidency was so hard.


Eric Trump’s Russians investing, alleged and denied.


Donald Trump Jr.’s confirmed statement.


Trump confirms his decision to fire Comey before Justice Dept. letter.


We don't have time for all this D.C. crap – for leaders, and the top leader especially, creating drama and chaos. We have real problems to address.

Yes, firing the head of the FBI while he was investigating President Trump's campaign was wrong. Yes, we need the full story on both Russian disruption and any Russian connections. Yes, now that they've made the mess it has to be cleaned up. Must be done. But what a pain that there is this mess to deal with at all? We have healthcare, North Korea, ISIS, Ebola, and other issues to deal with. The last thing we need is amateurs putting more unnecessary to-dos on the plate.

North Korea has tested yet another missile. Trump's inner circle is pushing hard to put thousands more troops into Afghanistan. Ebola has broken out again in the Congo.

Obamacare was a good start that needed some patches, which the GOP has vigorously thwarted. While we're all distracted, a small group of senators is deciding whether to gut most of the good things it guaranteed, under the guise of "replace."

Trump said about being president, who knew it was so hard? He seemed to think the entire country was an extension of his company. In his world he could, either by legal act, or at least by getting away with it, threaten who he wanted, fire who he wanted, treat people how he wanted. Now as president he finds if he says he has tapes, he has to produce them. If he fires someone investigating him, there are consequences. If he pretends the Muslim ban isn't, but has said it is over and over, he's accountable for his words, has to operate within courts and laws, can't just enact religiously targeted rules. It's as if he, and many of his people, are just discovering they live in a diverse country of laws and rights. Who knew?

The secrets he gave to the Russian ambassador, which his tweets essentially confirmed, I don't know the significance of, but it continues the pattern of shooting from the hip, with little thought, with ignorance of consequences, often even shooting himself in the foot, as when he casually confirmed the decision to fire Comey before the Justice Department letter advocating it.

I don't expect the worst results from the Russian investigation. Though I would not be surprised if Trump has some foolish business entanglements with criminal Russians in his past, which might or might not create conflicts so bad they disqualify him from continuing, but Trump as actual tool of Russians, or in collusion with them? No. But even if there is absolutely nothing to it at all, now that numerous clumsy Russian connections by his staff and cabinet have come out, followed by their denials, and the statements from his sons of investments from Russians, we have to get the full story. Anything less would be to disrespect proper constitutional concerns.

I'm embarrassed for the presidency. I feel bad for the country generally. Nobody wants this.

All of this amateur hour in the White House, and the GOP crudely hacking at healthcare, we don't have time. Get these amateurs out of the way. We need to get some serious governing done.

Tom Cantlon is a local business owner and writer and can be reached at


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