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Sat, April 20


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  • Thank you, Frances Thomas, for your letter on our endangered lobos. When wolves were under state control, they gained no ground in 10 years. Ranchers using public lands should be required to use non-lethal control.

  • RE: Number of recovery homes down from 200 to 80 – Never were 200 sober-living homes. Never were 100. The number was inflated to scare people into action and discriminate against those trying to better their lives. For shame!

  • Raves and shamrocks to Far From Folsom and General Manager Brian Sullivan for rescuing and hosting Prescott’s St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl! Kudos to FFF for making its mark as the new bar and family restaurant in town!

  • Willow Creek “do-over”? Not what happened! Just a layer of oil and fresh paint stripes! What a joke! No crosswalks painted anywhere either. Taxpayers were ripped off.

  • FOX fake news accuses Britain of wiretapping Trump for Obama. Trump and Spicer claim it as truth. You can’t make the craziness in the White House up. Best sitcom ever.

  • The problem with the public employee retirement benefits is they are not supported by the underlying investments, so how can our retired public employees keep insisting on payments that make zero financial sense?

  • Fractured America began with the elimination of the Fairness Doctrine in 1987 by Ronald Reagan. Look it up. No more balanced news, just polarized news. Choose your side.

  • I was for sensible gun control until they elected Trump. Now I think everyone needs a gun and every country should have nukes to defend themselves against the President of the United States and his gang.

  • It’s time the federal government took its boot off the necks of Native Americans. Take the rules off and stop the federal programs, and let the tribal people be on their own.

  • Well said Senator Pierce (Talk of the Town, March 18). Steve represents the “best” of the West and thinks like a common-sense American. We need more people like Steve Pierce in politics.

  • It’s typical for government to spend on “itself” and let necessary repairs slide. This goes for schools and state “everything.”

  • You can’t fix “stupid.” Signs or markings will not help. People don’t understand “yield” signs and who should do the yielding!

  • Restaurant owners/managers: Please clean your restrooms! Many are filthy … it makes me wonder how your kitchen looks. If I see a disgusting restroom I probably won’t be back.

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