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Tue, July 16

Letter: Cable bill


The other day, I was dismayed when I got the bill from my TV provider, to see it had gone from 70 bucks to 90 per month.

Naturally, I called. I learned that a “promotional rate” had expired. “Oh.” I explained that I only watched my favorite news channel, and perhaps four or five others, and opined that 90 smackers seemed a bit much for what I was getting, and suggested that they offer me a better deal.

They did. They told me that I could get all my channels for about 55 shamolians a month. Oh. Except for one… and to get that, I’d be right back at the 90 clams level.

I decided to get tough. I told them that I was tired of being exploited, and gave them an ultimatum: Either they’d give me what I want at a reasonable rate, or I’d cancel.

They didn’t. I did.

So now, I’ve got no boob-tube to watch.

Hmm. No more Hannity; no more Judge Jeanine. No more American Heroes. But no more endless, repetitive, stupid commercials either. No more “B” list, has-been movie star hawking gold and silver five times an hour.

Hey! Things are looking up!

Back in the “Golden Age” of television, the ratio of ads to programming was about six minutes of commercials to the hour of Bonanza and Dr. Kildare. Any idea what it is now? Got to be twice that. And we pay a subscription on top of it all!

They must be kidding!

The cable TV industry’s business model is exploitive and extortive and outmoded, as well as being probably collusive.

As far as I am concerned, while I may experience some withdrawals, I hope I have the guts to stick it out, and never go back!

Alan Whitney



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