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Sun, March 24

Letter: Christian image


The damage of the Trump Revolution has not been just to the image of America, but to the image of Christianity as well.

Here we have Donald Trump, one of the world’s richest men. A man who is regarded as the biggest shark on Wall Street. A man who has broken all of the Ten Commandments (some of them repeatedly) and has never voiced any remorse for it. A man who has never displayed a spiritual bone in his body. A man who represents everything that we as Christians are supposed to abhor. Yet, this past year, we have seen the sordid spectacle of millions — actually tens of millions — of Christians flocking to him, most of them loudly proclaiming that God sent him to us to save America! I was told twice to my face last year that I would be consigning my soul to Hell if I voted for anyone other than Donald Trump.

Then people wonder why the Christian religion is on the decline. People are fleeing the Church in droves, and the reason is obvious. Multitudes of Christians have strayed so far from what Jesus taught us and what the Bible actually says. They have come to worship wealth and worldly pleasures, just as Solomon did, while yet loudly proclaiming how devout they still are — and the Church is suffering for it.

Jesus said it would be this way. He speculated that there may not be any true Christians left when He returns (Luke 18:8), and He also told us that not everyone who claims to be His follower will make it to His Kingdom (Matthew 7:21-23).

The faith in Donald Trump that so many Christians have is revealing in another way as well — as Christians, we are supposed to be longing for the End Times and Christ’s Return, right? But too many people who claim to be Christian are enjoying the pleasures this world has to offer and really don’t want it to end — therefore, they have chosen to believe that God would send someone to help keep this wicked world going! How sad.

Parker Anderson



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