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Thu, March 21

Letter: No bullying here


In response to your editorial on March 3, “State should stop bullying cities:”

Arizona has state pre-emption laws which means that cities, counties and municipalities cannot impose firearms laws that are more restrictive than the state’s. As it should be. The destruction of guns that are picked up by police during the course of their duties that are not needed for evidence more than likely falls under that. As their rightful owners, if cleared of any wrong doing, will never be able to get their lawful property back if it’s destroyed. At least that’s the way I understand it.

In states that do not have pre-emption laws, what’s perfectly legal in one locality may not be in another. It would be nearly impossible for any individual to be aware of every law and ordinance of every single municipality if each one could make their own laws regarding the lawful possession and carrying of firearms. Just passing through one place could get you arrested as you may be in violation of any one of their particular firearms ordinances that are more restrictive than the states. In the case of Tucson or others like it, your lawful property would indeed be destroyed.

The same would apply to wearing a helmet on a motorcycle. The rider would have to put the helmet on and take it off when traveling from place to place to avoid being ticketed and fined. Laws such as these should only be left up to the state. As they allow its residents to freely travel from place to place without fear of being arrested. That’s not bullying!

Stephen Hogan



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