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Rants & Raves: For March 12, 2017

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  • My cat died, so I went to adopt a couple cats but unless you’re going to keep them in the house they won’t let you. I would never make anything stay indoors all the time. I’ll never donate another dime.
  • Writing to Gosar is a waste of time. You get a form letter thanking you for your support. He doesn’t care what you have to say – he does whatever he and the wealthy business owners want.
  • The state caused the pension problem and the state should fix it with a state sales tax or income tax increase.
  • Rave: Rob and Outdoor Sports have supported community events. Their efforts should be commended. My hat is off to Rob and Outdoor Sports for all the great charitable work that goes unnoticed.
  • The focus on age as the determining factor as to when one should stop driving is not the issue. It is the overuse and abuse of prescription drugs prescribed by the medical profession as the population ages.
  • PSPRS is a failed experiment. The 0.75 percent sales tax will also fail and layoffs will be in the 2018 budget. Taxpayers vote for taxes that improve their standard of living, not bailouts.
  • I recall seeing the Arizona budget and over 50 percent is going to K-12 or K-14 schools. Maybe it could be better spent but not MORE money!
  • “School Choice” letter published March 6 tells the truth about public vs. private education. Kudos to a Prescott resident who tells the REAL story. I, too, grieve the demise of excellent public education for all.
  • The staggering costs of Trump’s ongoing “weekend getaways” to Mar-a-Lago and the outrageous costs for Melania and Barron to remain at Trump Tower, instead of living at the White House, should cause shock waves across America. Wake up!
  • Nasty, spiteful kids with no manners, no supervision and no moral standards – whose parents are too drunk, too high, or too busy – are running off good teachers. Bad parenting not bad teachers are the problem.
  • Carol Springer, as supervisor, wanted a 5-lane Williamson Valley Road. The Fains wanted a divided, 4-lane Fain Road. And the “good ole boys” want more grazing land opened up for development. BOS spending at its worst.
  • Rave: Bert Ijams is doing great work in the community, not only with Meals on Wheels but also as a mentor and support for other local leaders. Thanks for the article.
  • Affordable housing in Prescott? It’s a landlords’ market. Working folks and retirees can’t afford the rents; we’re priced out of the rental market.
  • Congratulations to the Yavapai County Education Service Agency on being first in the state to earn a five-year accreditation. YC is extremely fortunate to have this dedicated education-minded team. This should have been front page news!
  • Rave: I love your segments for Women’s History Month! Shout out to you all for representing strong women!
  • RE: Highway 69 lane restrictions: Great, let’s take care of the lane markings on 69 AGAIN. Meanwhile, driving up the first 2 miles of 169 is like being on the road to Crown King.
  • RE: Selling Station 7: This shouldn’t be considered! Not everyone can make it to Yarnell to pay their respects. We need something here. Those guys were OUR people! Leave the station alone!
  • RE: Mr. Cantlon’s column: The rabid attendees at congressional town halls are orchestrated by a radical coalition funded by George Soros. It was not a spontaneous outpouring of constituents upset with Donald Trump winning the presidency.
  • Is the CTC trying to sell that Yuma has a private provider for fire services? The City of Yuma is a full-service city with a municipal fire department. Fact check it.
  • RE: A YMCA in Prescott Valley: The Prescott facility is a great place to swim and exercise, but crowded and a far drive. Dewey, Mayer, Chino Valley, as well as Prescott Valley, residents would benefit.
  • I wish someone would do something about the poor condition of Pulliam Street. Potholes and water leaks!
  • RE: Pavement rehab: The job done by Asphalt Paving & Supply on the Los Pinos neighborhood has broken chunks and numerous large cracks/potholes. The city should never have paid the bill for this job.

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