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Wed, Nov. 13

Letter: Personal liberties at risk


Are Donald Trump or the Republican Party interested in promoting the tenets of democracy, or are they trying to establish a dictatorial system?

When Jill Stein wanted recounts in three closely contested states, Trump and the Republicans said, “All available evidence suggests that the general election was not tainted by fraud or mistake.” When Trump loses the popular vote, an investigation into “voter fraud” is suddenly necessary despite all evidence to the contrary. Add to this the many red states passing laws to suppress voting rights, some that courts have declared unconstitutional, and to gerrymander districts, and Republicans cast doubt on the legitimacy of our voting system creating an Orwellian blurring of fact, truth and “alternative facts.”

In addition, the Trump administration has refused interviews with CNN journalists, planned to defund NPR and PBS, and appointed Ajit Pai to head the Federal Communications Commission, a person dedicated to ending net neutrality, enabling information to be controlled, censored and made more expensive.

Also, White House and EPA pages on climate change have been removed, suppressing scientific information. Other department’s (HHS, NIH, Interior, etc.) scientists have had their ability to communicate with the public restricted.

Finally, several states are passing laws to criminalize the right to peaceful assembly and protest. Six journalists were arrested in Washington, D.C. and charged with felonies, Washington State is changing civil disobedience from a misdemeanor to a felony, and incoming CIA director Mike Pompeo promises more domestic surveillance.

When North Dakota’s legislature passes a law making it legal to run down protesters as long as it is deemed an accident, and a Trumpian executive order removes white supremacists from terrorist lists, do you really think your personal liberties granted under our constitution are going to be protected by this administration?

Douglas Iverson


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