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10:53 AM Wed, Nov. 21st

Letter: Need an alternative


After reading the June 8 Cindy Barks article on the Prop. 443 debate and the letter to the editor on the same date, I believe voters should have more information on taxes. Basically there are three types of taxes. a. Progressive tax; federal and state income tax. The higher your income the higher the rate of tax. b. Proportional tax; commonly known as flat tax. Everyone pays tax at the same rate. c. Regressive tax; sales tax is an example of a regressive tax. A regressive tax places a greater tax burden on low-income citizens than on wealthy citizens. For example, if a citizen earning $20,000 per year makes purchases totaling $100 and pays $10 in sales tax the sales tax is .0005% of the citizen’s earnings. If a citizen earning $100,000 per year makes the same purchases ($100) and pays the same $10 in sales tax the sales tax is .0001% of the citizen’s earnings.

In addition, if a person moves into Prescott are they not burdened with a tax (if approved) that they had no opportunity to support or oppose by their vote?

Don’t get me wrong I am not opposed to taxes. Governments need income to function and provide services for its citizens. Is there any alternative to Prop. 443?

David E. Martin