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Tue, July 16

Rants & Raves: June 25, 2017

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  • Re letter: McCain - sign the recall petition for McCain and find an alternative to Flake so we have people in the Senate who care about Arizona and the American people instead of these two embarrassments.
  • Anyone who thinks a conservative such as McCain is a Democrat shows how extreme the GOP now is. Neither Reagan, nor Goldwater would be considered a “real Republican” now. The party is a relic from the 19th century looking to drive America backwards.
  • John McCain is a good example of being in Washington too long. This group of D’s and R’s all become the “establishment” with lobbyists and our representation is lost. TERM LIMITS!
  • I am irate about the Bedroom TV leads to control issues column!! As people age, it gets harder to fall asleep. Annie’s answer totally ignored the woman’s question regarding control. Might as well have asked for help from a unicorn.
  • The Senate will pass the Health Bill with 52 Yes votes. The political risk to senators of a No vote, loss of all RNC campaign funds, is far too great. Money talks much louder than constituents’ health concerns.
  • How were these people receiving health care in 2008? Let’s go there!
  • Parenting has been missing for most families for 2-to-3 generations. GOOD parenting I am talking about. Today, you will see whole families at dinner all on cell phones.
  • Re: Victor Nelson’s letter suggesting closing Prescott’s schools and turn Prescott into a “Sun City North”. If you want to live in Sun City just roll yourself down the hill. Either move or stop complaining. And, stop using OUR water.
  • Ref Retirees only letter - I totally agree with you Victor Nelson.
  • This author is short-sighted. Who does he think cares for the elderly population he so dreams of? Young nurses like myself, who have 3 kids in school. His few pennies to my kids’ education is an ill thank you enough.
  • I’m going to fight you and your devious Sun City plan tooth and nail and work to keep Prescott a well-balanced community for mine and everyone’s grandchildren, from a 49-year resident of Prescott.
  • Yep...I could have bet that Mr. Nelson arrived here within the last 20 years. There was a time when we took great pride in PUSD. Proud to be a PUSD graduate, coming up on 40 year reunion.
  • Really? Where did you come from? What makes you the expert on what this town should be? I have lived here for 30 years, do not have children, but support the children that are here.
  • “Retirees Only” I don’t live in AZ but my uncle sent the link. It highlights the boomer generation attitude towards the future perfectly. Selfish. Exclusive. Disgusting. No wonder our federal government is dysfunctional. No leadership, just self interest.
  • A community without young families or children? Sounds like an elephants’ graveyard to me. Here I am wishing there were more young people around to light up my life. So very sorry for Mr. Nelson and his “Retirees Only” letter.
  • The Democrats are now 0 for 5 in special elections. Could it be all the violence and hate they are spewing out, along with the witch hunt against Trump? They just don’t get it!
  • State legislators urge senators not to cut Medicaid” Like most defending Federal funding projects, they don’t seem to realize the country is deep in debt. Perhaps they should look for funding and not just whine when the trough dries up.
  • Prescott has certainly honored the Hotshots already. A museum? I don’t think so. What about others who have died in the line of duty? There are many, and we haven’t honored them.
  • A good decision by the Appeals Court to uphold the fact that “Dreamers” are not legal residents, and therefore should pay out of state tuition rates. Why should they be subsidized by legal residents?
  • Alarcon Road Work: Thought our town was broke, but we can afford this project that didn’t need to be done? What about our deteriorating sidewalks I trip over everyday downtown? South McCormick Street has not been done in 30+ years!

All Rants & Raves are subject to editing. Submit RANTS&RAVES at or email

All Rants & Raves are subject to editing. Submit RANTS & RAVES at or email


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