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Tue, May 21

Column: Never forget, our children are watching us

Our children are watching …

... as we model the obligations of citizenship

... what we stand and fall for

... while we try to overcome personal limitations and ignorance

... how we talk about people whose race and religion is different from ours

Our children are watching …

... what we tell them and what we actually do

... while we mortgage their future

... how we reconcile private self-interests with the common good

... as we assure them our schools are excellent

Our children are watching …

... while we show them how to, then tell them not to

... what we believe to be decent and civilizing and virtuous

... how we value learning and the learned

... and wondering why teacher salaries are among the lowest in the nation

Our children are watching …

... and asking whether we really care about them

... and whether they will have a chance to live the American Dream

... what we teach them to see if it is just, honorable, ethical, moral

... and honest

Our children are watching …

... how we reconcile our words of concern about them with our actions

... while we permit bigotry and prejudice and hate to spread

... how we handle racism and nativism

... while we wrestle with rigid idolatries, dogma, faith and evidence

Our children are watching ...

... what we do about one-quarter of the population that live in poverty

... as we determine what has meaning in our lives and what is worth doing

... what we choose to escape from and what we choose to confront

... how we value social conscience and moral institutions

Our children are watching and wondering ...

... how our elected leaders will respond to the fact that AZ children rated 46th out of the 50 states in a national survey of child well-being

... why 63 percent of our young children are not in a pre-school program

... why 8 percent lack health insurance while nationally the figure is 5 percent

... why 24 percent live in high poverty while nationally the figure is 14 percent

Our children are watching!


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