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Mon, Oct. 14

Column: You can’t disarm a free people, and you shouldn’t

Syndicated columnist Dick Polman says “Sometimes the irony is so thick, you can’t cut it with a laser.”

He’s right. An article in the same issue of the Daily Courier in which his anti-rights thesis appeared described a woman whose husband broke her leg and then began choking her son, and she defended them both by killing her husband with his own gun. Seems like guns sometimes do the right thing even when originally in the ‘wrong’ hands, doesn’t it?

Mr. Polman ridicules House Republicans for temporarily setting aside a bill called “Hearing Protection Act” in view of the recent attack by a leftist thug on Republican lawmakers practicing baseball. He also ridicules the title of the bill with a smarmy “I kid you not.” One wonders why he considers the title ridiculous? The purpose of a suppressor (he miscalls it a ‘silencer’) is, after all, to protect the hearing of the shooter and others nearby. That’s why it is called the “Hearing Protection Act.”

Polman mentions the Virginia attack is the 195th mass shooting of the year. Actually it is the 153rd. One wonders if perhaps he has noticed two factors common to nearly all those mass shootings? The lack of a firearm in the hands of a citizen prepared to repel the attack, and nearly all occur in jurisdictions governed by anti-gun tyrants supported by people like Mr. Polman. Does he want these undefended murderous attacks to continue?

Polman is also apparently a racist and sexist, singling out the latest shooter as “an angry white guy.” I mention this only because leftist activists always accuse conservatives of being angry and racist and/or sexist if they do not keep their observations strictly gender neutral. But they rarely follow their own rules.

Polman then raises a false argument, suggesting that had the shooter had a ‘silencer,” more victims could have fallen to his gunfire, presumably because no one would have been able to hear the gunshots. This is nonsense born of ignorance. The so-called “silencer” does not ‘silence’ the gunshot, it merely reduces the report signature from 160 decibels to around 125 decibels. That’s why it is called a “suppressor,” not a “silencer.” On a battlefield, for example, you can still hear it several miles away. But it is less likely to damage your hearing if it occurs nearby.

Paraphrasing his remarks designed to vilify the NRA and advance his statist agenda, Polman describes another House bill (Not “NRA bill;’ the NRA doesn’t make law) which would allow people who live in States where their rights are respected to exercise their rights in States where tyrants prohibit the exercise of rights. He describes this in language designed to vilify Republican efforts to protect the rights of the people from tyrants. It is a Constitutional right, after all, and it is supposed to be recognized and honored nation-wide. Does Polman disrespect the U.S. Constitution? Does he fail to note that the Bill of Rights were called for by the States and ratified by the States, thus making the States subject to their terms?

Polman commits the unforgiveable offense of trying to establish a moral equivalency between “an unhinged lefty extremist who hated Republicans” and his fantasy of “unhinged right-wing extremists who hate lefties and Democrats.” Yet virtually all the violence committed by political extremists since even before the election last November has been committed by Marxist-Leninists and anarchist thugs. I defy Polman to list more than one or two instances of violence committed by what he calls “unhinged right-wing extremists.” It hasn’t happened, in spite of enormous provocation by leftists.

Lastly, contrary to Polman’s ignorant thesis, the Shooter in Virginia did not use a fully-automatic “M4” carbine, which requires a year-long background check and $200 transfer tax stamp to purchase. He used a semi-automatic SKS rifle which is NOT a “variant of the AK-47” as reported by some ignorant reporters, but rather which pre-dates the modern AK-47 by several years.

Polman should do a little research and discover that America is the only nation on the planet to establish the private rights of the individual superior to the arbitrary whims of wannabe kings and princes and neighborhood warlords. And the founders of our nation recognized and honored, in perpetuity, our right to keep and bear arms to keep it that way.

You cannot arm slaves and expect them to remain slaves.

Nor can you disarm a free people and expect them to remain free.

Donald L. Cline

Freedom Fighter Net

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