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Tue, July 23

Rants & Raves: July 23, 2017

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  • Building thousands of track houses for non-existent employees is not economic development. It is the seed of the weed of deterioration and stagnation. The inventive and creative people who have moved here in the past will not come.

  • Thank you for your series on the council candidates and where they each stand on the issues. It’s difficult for us to get out to public forums. Your articles keep us informed.

  • Wow, I read about harsh punishment ideas for drone operator at Goodwin fire. It sounds like the lynch mob wants a pound of flesh and tar and feather for his actions. Chill folks. He will receive punishment according to the law.

  • Trump is not that bad of a president. The Democrats front runner Hillary, has distanced herself from both parties to point that she is totally off her rocker. Can we imagine what she will be like in four years?

  • I agree that a fine should be imposed for texting and driving, but that will not stop people from that. If you cannot stop people from driving under influence, you surely cannot stop people from cell phone use while driving.

  • Let’s not hammer those who fly the American flag improperly. At least they are flying it. Let the hammer come down on those who are disrespecting it by; burning, stepping on it, destroying it maliciously, stealing it, etc.

  • Large trucks that park in the garage on the edge of the turns? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost crashed due to not being able to see/turn past those huge trucks. Park somewhere else, please!

  • Re: Deep Well development: Another Anthem being built in our beautiful back yard. Don’t ask me to conserve water.

  • Re: Deep Well development: I live near this property. It would be selfish of me to say that there should be no more new homes. Prescott is everyone’s community, not just a select few of us. I welcome all newcomers with open arms.

  • OMG! Republicans and Democrats may have to sit down and compromise to get legislation passed that mutually benefits their constituents. Never happen with this congress and the special interests would throw a fit.

  • Follow the Constitution. The rule of law must NOT be political!

  • Rave for Dennis, the manager at Fry’s on Willow Creek Rd. He solves customer problems and answers questions giving that hometown feel to Prescott. Don’t see that old fashioned service much anymore, thank you!

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