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Thu, July 18

Rants and Raves: July 17, 2017

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  • There is nothing wrong with being a perfectionist. Like the Army ad says, “Be all that you can be.” The Holy Bible tells us to be perfect in obeying God’s commands. Each to his own, I say.
  • Retirees: I am retired, but I have grandchildren here also. However, I do not believe retired people, or anyone else without children, should be forced to pay for other residents’ children to attend school here.
  • Here’s an idea: What if drivers get off their phones? What if drivers used their turn signals? What if drivers drove the speed limit? What if drivers who want to drive slow and large trucks stayed to the far right?
  • Should Prescott become a retirement city, only? No. I love going to the plaza and reconnecting with my children, watching the little ones learn how to walk, run and climb steps.
  • Stopped at light, checking GPS, still legal... Road Rage Provocateur yells, “Drop the cellphone!” To that landscape truck driver, pulling a trailer, who proceeded to turn right holding a 20-ounce Slurpy in his left hand, “Really?!” MYOB.
  • What’s all the fuss about Marina Street? More attention is needed on the disgraceful condition of Carleton between Montezuma and Cortez. This is only one lousy block, handles more traffic. A simple overlay of asphalt would do the job.
  • RE: Road Rage - I would suggest everyone install a dash camera. We did and you wouldn’t believe what it has recorded. They don’t need to cost a lot (ours was about $20). Our insurance company recommended we do this.

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