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Thu, March 21

Rants & Raves: July 15, 2017

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  • PSPRS should not be invested in volatile tech and real estate. To state current returns are up 12 percent is ridiculous. Dividends and interest payouts are nowhere near that level. PSPRS is in freefall … No actuarial study required!
  • As a former fire inspector, false alarms can be cut way down if the system is installed and maintained properly. It is solely up to the property owner to do this. End of story!
  • Arizona declines request for voter info: What does Arizona have to hide? The refusal looks suspicious to me, especially since the Phoenix newspapers supported Hilary. I disagree with this decision completely! No one gains from voter fraud.
  • Drones: Any craft flying over private property at any time, any civilian craft interfering with fire or rescue operations, should be fair game and subject to immediate destruction. Operators should face mandatory jail time and pay for down time.
  • Consumption Tax. How about the “Fiscal Conservatives” in Congress raise the revenue that they spend in the budget? They shriek about deficits and the debt, but continue to spend more than tax revenue provides. Put the credit card away.
  • I love the Prescott Public Library’s text alert system. No more overdue books.
  • RE: Policing is dangerous - The writer wants to single out police to prison for false reporting. To lie is not a felony. If it was the prison system would have to be 100 times its size because everyone lies.

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