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Wed, Nov. 13

Guest Editorial: Democrats will fight for American values, institutions

A letter from the Yavapai Democrats

In response to the Republican Executive Committee’s Guest Editorial, the Yavapai Democrats are speaking out about the regressive direction President Trump and the Republican Leadership are taking our Nation. This does not represent the values of most Americans.

The first act of the Republican-controlled Congress was to try to eliminate the Congressional Ethics oversight committee. Most Americans believe ethics is a cornerstone of our democracy. After a voter outcry, they rescinded the attempt.

Their second effort was to eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities and defund the public broadcast network that is fair and without advertising influence. These minimal expenditures are important for America.

Next they plan to attack funding for women’s healthcare. Then they want to defund the protection of clean air and clean water and waterways. We will not stand by and let Congress allow large corporations to denigrate our earth and put citizens’ health at risk.

Most Americans value the freedom of the press. Our new president is already restricting access and attempting to discredit media. It’s ironic that a man who appears to be a pathological liar is calling journalists dishonest.

Most Americans value the right to vote, yet the Republicans continue to pass voter suppression laws. Voter ID laws negatively affect the poor, the old and people of color. It has been proven over and over that there is no significant voter fraud.

Most Americans think all Americans should have quality affordable healthcare. Mere access to healthcare is not the same thing. Defunding the ACA law without a better replacement is irresponsible.

Most Americans believe our diversity is a strength—and all people should be treated equally. We will not stand by and accept the bigoted comments spewed by the President.

We value justice for all, whether it’s economic justice, social justice or criminal justice reform. We will not be silent when the top 1% of Americans are the prime beneficiaries of Trump’s proposed tax cuts and the most vulnerable stand to lose their social safety net and health insurance.

We value the Constitution and the government created by it. Rather than tear down and defund our honored institutions, we intend to keep them strong and able to work as intended.

We value the right to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly and we support Congress members’ right to protest. The Women’s March on Washington and the more than 600 sister marches around the world are a call to action to stand up to regressive proposals.

The guest editorial completely missed the point when they said Democrats were “disappointed over losing an election.” In fact, Democrats, many Independents and some Republicans are flabbergasted at the election of a man of such low moral character, who bragged about sexually assaulting women, who has shown disdain for our intelligence community and free press, who assails anyone who disagrees with him and who was aided in his election by a foreign adversary. He has broken a 40-year tradition of publishing his tax returns and putting all assets into a blind trust to avoid conflict of interest, yet this is the 45th president of the United States.

We plan a vigorous debate over the Administration’s coming proposals for legislation.

Yavapai County Democratic Executive Committee

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