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Tue, Feb. 25

Guest Editorial: How long will President Trump’s ‘honeymoon’ last?

On Friday, Jan. 20, Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. Since 1797, when George Washington turned the reins of the office over to John Adams, our nation has been a model for the rest of the world with our peaceful transition of power. Whether we voted for or against the incoming President and Vice President, we have honored the Constitutional basis of our government and the defined process for this change of leadership.

While many presidents have a “honeymoon” period following their inauguration, during which their policy initiatives enjoy increased support as a result of the recent election, it is inevitable that the give-and-take of the balance of power within our government will begin very soon after the new administration begins. However, respect for our Constitution and respect for our institutions of government have always overruled partisan bickering during the celebration of the inaugural process.

In 2017, however, many in the so-called “Progressive” movement are displaying a very troubling, though not terribly surprising, lack of appreciation for the traditions of our Constitutional republic. Dozens of Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives boycotted the inaugural ceremony. This public temper tantrum belittles the public trust that has been placed on these elected officials and insults their many constituents who understand and appreciate the traditions and principles of our republic (not to mention those who in fact voted for the incoming leaders). In the end, these folks who put politics and personal pique above their duty to their nation will find that the ultimate result is the loss of their own relevance in the coming policy debates.

And, as reported in The Daily Courier this week, we have the spectacle of the “Women’s March on Washington” today, the day after Trump’s inauguration. As Republicans, we celebrate the right of citizens to assemble and express their freedom of speech. This march, though, purports to “recognize, accept, and celebrate … differences,” when it is really just a “National March of Liberal Women against Donald Trump.” Tens of millions of women voted for Trump (including 45 percent of women in Arizona). These women supported a candidate who they believe will reverse many of the damaging policies of the past eight years. But support for President Trump and opposition to abortion-on-demand are apparently “differences” that are not so welcome at this event. The leaders of this march have explicitly excluded groups of women who do not kowtow to their “progressive” viewpoints, while the smattering of women participating will do so primarily to score partisan points against Trump.

We Republicans celebrate the opportunity to demonstrate that conservative governance will provide the best results and optimum protection of our liberties for the future of our nation. We expect, and welcome, a vigorous debate over these policy issues. We sincerely hope that our adversaries on the other side of this debate will quickly get over their disappointment over losing an election and will join us in a fair, robust, and civil debate based on fact, logic, and principles rather than resentment over results of a hard-fought election. But if they insist on continuing their “en masse” temper tantrum, we will simply ignore them and move forward to do what is best for our great nation.

Yavapai County Republican Executive Committee

Dr. Mark Sensmeier, Chair

Phil Goode, 1st Vice Chair

Craig Kiggens, 2nd Vice Chair

Roger Reinsch, Treasurer

Rose Sperry, Secretary

Dwight Jaeger, Assistant Treasurer

Sandra Laney, Assistant Secretary

EDITOR’S NOTE – The Democratic Party of Yavapai County was invited to submit a guest editorial in response.

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