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Sat, March 23

Letter: Dinosaur evidence


The arrogance of ignorance never ceases to amaze me. Propaganda masquerades as “fact” calling theories “science.” When it comes to “Origins” we have only theories, or models. But we do have empirical evidence (requires actual observation).

The real, valid empirical evidence would be the facts. However those “facts” have to be interpreted. Interpretation always involves a world-view, and associated assumptions and presuppositions.

Theories of Evolution (which are unproven theories) assume Naturalism (no supernaturalism) — a very much unproven philosophical presupposition. That necessarily leads to “natural selection” (blind chance events) as the creator of all that we see – no intelligence or design involved.

That leads to “deep time” theories, based on “uniformitarianism.” In other words, the earth must be hundreds of millions of years old, the universe billions of years old. Dinosaurs, have to be at least tens of millions (60 to 130 million) years old.

Fact (empirical evidence): Many dinosaur fossils still have soft tissue in their bones (blood vessels, collagen). See one at Van Andel Research Center in Chino Valley (ask Dr. Kevin Anderson, PhD, scientist, IDINO Project Leader).

Fact (scientifically proven): soft tissue cannot survive over 1 million years even in a purely theoretical optimally preservative environment. This one fact alone scientifically refutes the evolutionists’ deep-time (old earth) theories, but supports the young earth models.

Fact: volumes have been written by bon-fide “scientists” citing similar empirical evidence.

Fanatical believers in mainstream propaganda (including “scientists”) never bother to consider such evidence, and the alternative interpretations and theories and arguments of Creation Science. This is at best blind faith based mostly on willful ignorance.

What is being

passed off today as “science” is almost laughable, if it weren’t so tragically consequential, and in this case with eternal consequences.

J. Mike Byrd, B.S., M.A., M.S. (retired Aeronautical Engineer)



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