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12:22 PM Tue, Nov. 20th

Letter: Women’s Marches


In the editorial of 01/21/17 a group of self-righteous regressive Republicans lectured women and progressives about the “spectacle” created in the Women’s Marches. They trivialized the march as one of simply a “smattering” of “liberal women,” engaging in a “‘temper tantrum’ against Donald Trump” because of “disappointment over losing an election.” They concluded their editorial by threatening the marchers for daring to challenge Mr. Trump and by promising to ignore the free speech demonstrated by the marchers.

The signers of this letter proudly marched in a Women’s march, and we will continue to resist the un-American actions of Mr. Trump that threaten our values, threaten peace around the world, and threaten the fabric of our way of life enshrined i n our Constitution.

There is no precedent in U.S. history for the massive showing of collective resistance following Trump’s inauguration. Well over 3 million marched in the United States, with hundreds of thousands more all around the world. They were peaceful, positive marches, celebrating women’s rights, Constitutional rights, marginalized people’s rights, and American values, as opposed to being anti-Trump. The editorial Republicans’ idea that we don’t “understand and appreciate the traditions and principles of our republic” because we engage in a free speech march, and because we support Congressional members’ right to protest, is laughable, especially considering these acts of contempt for the principles of our republic by Trump and Republicans: (1) Trump’s chief political advisor, Stephen Bannon, told the press to “shut up” about Trump’s recent unconstitutional immigrant executive order in defiance of the Constitutional right of freedom of the press; (2) Republican Senators’ shirked their duty, in violation of clear Constitutional mandate, to consider Obama’s Supreme Court nominee.

There is no precedent for a president like Trump either: impetuous, thin skinned, and reckless in his attitude toward our allies. The march, however, is significant in that it has mobilized millions to action and has made the majority of Americans realize that there is massive support to resist this hyperactive authoritarian president.

When American values are at stake, we expect citizens to exercise their Constitutional right to assemble, organize and have their voices heard. The threat we now face is that the President has expressed loud contempt for the institutions of our democracy, admires the authoritarian Russian President, and appears to view U.S. foreign policy as a tool to further his own business interests. Furthermore, he supports the torturing of detainees, and lives in a world of false “alternative facts.” Republican Editorial writers: we reject your lecture and will continue to support American values and resist Trump.

Tony Shaw

Linda Lutes

Janalyn K. Lynne

Toni Denis

Susan Lanning

Joe Zarnoch

Art Atonna

Lee Atonna

Russ Pilcher



Vicki McGaw

Loretta Diane Iverson

Douglas Iverson

Sharon A. Arnold

Linda McEwen