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Sat, Jan. 18

Column: Column Say it proud, Merry Christmas!

Once upon a time in this country, we sent Christmas cards, decorated a tree in the living room at home and at work, exchanged gifts and wished friends and strangers alike “Merry Christmas.” No one second guessed our intentions and no one interpreted our celebrations as part of an agenda.

As if we don’t have serious demands on our time, a controversy has developed about whether saying Merry Christmas hurts someone’s feelings. I, of course, don’t, wouldn’t, want to offend anyone by saying something in support of America, but if someone’s sensitivities are chafed by hearing those two words this time of year, they aren’t equipped to walk about in public without supervision.

I understand that some folks celebrate other holidays than Christmas. Since ours has historically been and remains largely a Christian nation, folks shouldn’t be traumatized by Christian celebrations. In my opinion, those who campaign against our traditions and for “political correctness” don’t have enough substance in their lives or enough roughage in their diets.

As a newly minted geriatric, I don’t like to see American — or international — traditions destroyed. I especially don’t like the fact that those who are destroying traditions commonly don’t have the education or native intelligence to explain why they qualify as the agents of destruction. I’m thinking specifically of those who are tearing down statues across the country. I doubt they know the history that put those statues in place or of the people memorialized by the statues. The same goes for students who protest on campuses to prevent the exercise of free speech.

Although it didn’t affect me directly, I didn’t agree with changing the definition of marriage as being a union between one man and one woman — a definition that had been universally accepted for over 4,000 years.

I strongly disagree with those who favor open borders, or no borders at all. The primary motivation to tear down borders is purely political and is simply nothing more than one party’s strategy to build its constituencies. Clearly, these people are more interested in a political agenda than they are in protecting the sanctity of their own country.

Recently, I’ve been hearing that our national anthem is racist. I was not surprised since absolutely everything in our society is racist in the view of some. On a related front, I also dislike seeing millionaire athletes kneeling when the anthem is played. I might suggest that these folks spend some time in other countries to gain some perspective on the realities of the world.

Speaking of other countries, I grew up learning about the rich histories of other western-culture countries. Today’s news headlines relate how quickly these countries are attempting to give their cultures away. Few would argue that 20th century Germany stained its national character, but how does inviting millions of Middle East immigrants who don’t share like values into the country help strengthen modern-day Germany?

Sweden has seen its rape and violent crime more than triple since 1988 due to increased middle-east immigration.

England has suffered similar results. Again, inviting large populations into your country who don’t share your traditions, religions or life experiences helps destroy native cultures, no matter who the immigrants are. I believe in a strong immigration policy that builds rather than destroys a vibrant country here or abroad.

Our national election last November surprised and thrilled me since the Obama administration spent eight years “fundamentally transforming” this country. It’s obvious that he did not and does not love this country — who would threaten to fundamentally transform something that he loves?

And so, I wish everyone an unabashed Merry Christmas. May you and your family enjoy all the spirit and excitement this season has to offer.

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