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Tue, Nov. 12

Rants & Raves: Dec. 10, 2017

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  • Can’t wait to hear the rants from all those Prescott Republican seniors when Paul Ryan and the GOP start carving up their Medicare in 2018 to pay for the big tax breaks they are giving the wealthy.

  • Ken Sain is at it again. Suggesting equivalency between protesting a brutal communist dictatorship (China) and protesting a noble and exceptional country (USA) is just wrong. Besides, the NFL kneelers violate the rules of their employment. Soccer fans do not.

  • Because one doesn’t agree with a particular column doesn’t mean one has to revert to name calling. Mr. Sain is not a moron. Disagree if you will, but why can’t we be civil?

  • Thank you for subtly proving Dewey letter writer Bob Shaw wrong. What newspaper is he reading?

  • I will not bash the Courier for choosing which letters they print. I have seen people on both sides of issues complain. The Courier has printed my rants against the lost lefties, which I can appreciate.

  • There is no freedom of speech in the workplace. Try some alt.right memes in your workplace and see how well that works out.

  • Two days? Really? What a joke. A journey-level officer from a large, modern, contemporary agency would face at least a 10-day suspension under these circumstances. This is gross negligence. And making him go to some kind of training? Laughable.

  • PV officials should get over it. Prescott Valley doesn’t exactly have the best crime record in the area.

  • I’m trying to picture Police Chief Jarrell reprimanding one of his officers. No matter what the guy did he could come back with, “Is that any worse than you losing your gun?”

  • Regarding Deep Well Housing project: Do you honestly think you’ll be able to afford anything they build there? And where are the new jobs to support this “needed” growth?

  • What is happening to our City of Prescott? This 160-apartment complex, three more planned complexes, Deep Well Ranch and more house developments. How about calling for a MORATORIUM on BUILDING. Other places do it. No water, traffic concerns, no doctors!!

  • Thanks, Brad Bergamini, for writing how “tax reform” adversely affects homeowners. Those who itemize deductions are doubly punished, with both personal exemptions and residence tax deductions eliminated. How can Rep. Gosar vote for this? Also: Social Security’s NOT an entitlement!

  • Let’s look at what a similar tax plan has done for North Carolina, instead of what someone thinks the federal tax plan will do in Prescott. The negative anti-Trumpers are out to put a negative spin on everything he does.

  • I want to say congratulations to all the winners in our recent election. Don’t let the unhappy Democrats spoil your well-earned positions with their spoil-sport name calling. The Prescott well-informed voters, did a very good job!

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