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Tue, Feb. 18

Rants & Raves: Dec. 3, 2017

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  • Mr. Sain’s method may be questioned, however was right on. Political affiliation has no place in a non-partisan election.

  • Come on, don’t be sensitive. I want to know the background of the person whom I vote for. I vote for issues, but character means a bunch to me. After all, historically, politicians have been doing this since voting began.

  • Stick to your guns Ken Sain! The truth in what you said has apparently rattled the cage of poor Mr. Sensmeier. Thou doest protest too much there Mark. Did Ken hit a nerve? New mayor, but same developer-friendly [attitude].

  • How can Dr. Sensmeier write that Republicans voted for non-Republican candidates when some candidates did not stoop to Mengarelli’s divisive tactics by listing a party affiliation? I resent Sensmeier’s assumptions as much as he objects to Sain’s column.

  • Even if the Chief reported his gun missing right away, it would still be missing. Let’s use this as a reminder to not leave our guns where they can be taken. No crime here, just forgetfulness. Let’s move on, people.

  • Everyone has had sexual thoughts of another individual outside of marriage. The Bible says, “What you think of doing in your mind, is the same as doing it.” Also, “Who of us without sin, cast the first stone.”

  • Let me wrap my brain around this. The first gun-related legislation the House Republicans put forth since the mass shootings in two states is to expand gun-owner rights. Way to go NRA!

  • Re: A flawed human letter to the editor, the writer is confusing democracy with liberal Democratic philosophy. Get over it. Hillary lost the election.

  • Rave: Brava to Janice Ashby for her thoughtful, balanced letter (Wrong about me 11/30) speaking out for the forward-looking views of Democrats and other liberals. 

  • What a delight to discover a lending library in my neighborhood. Not only did some very thoughtful people construct a lovely little space in their yard to exchange books, they also created a fenced space for your dog.

  • Please do not be afraid to say, Thanksgiving and Christmas, when referring to the holidays.

  • Why is the Prescott Valley Police Department auctioning off a gun? Aren’t there enough guns out there already? Do we need more killing? [Editor’s note: It’s a fundraiser for PVPD, drawing is Dec. 8.]

  • Very disappointed in the City Council! [Deep Wells Ranch vote].

  • Why is it that you … politicians never listen to the people’s voice?

  • Jean Wilcox, a voice of reason in a sea of developer’s eunuch lackeys. Sad, sad day for Prescott.

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