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Sun, Aug. 25

Letter: Something must be done


Why can people in our country purchase assault weapons and bump stocks but fully automatic weapons are still illegal to own without special government permissions? Are we afraid a fully automatic weapon may be easily used in a mass shooting? Gangsters in the 30’s routinely used Thompson’s with 30-round drum magazines to mow down dozens of people at a time.

Any adult can legally and immediately buy a firearm at a private sales table at all Arizona gun shows without submitting to a background check. I can legally give or sell my gun to my daughter, crazy neighbor or stranger with no questions asked.

Many NRA-bought Republicans say that background checks don’t work. Alright, if some slip through the cracks then that’s a good reason to stop selling firearms and equipment intended to quickly kill masses of people. If America only sold muzzle loading flintlock muskets, how many would have died in the recent church massacre, or Las Vegas, or Sandy Hook, or…?

Like vehicles, guns should be registered and sales tracked. Sales should be filed with a state or federal agency. Guns sold or gifted to relatives, strangers, etc. should all have background checks before they can accept the weapon.

Something needs to be done to stop this extreme gun violence in America. Use your vote to rid the country of our do-nothing political NRA slaves. Start saving innocent lives, maybe your own.

Michelle Star


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