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Wed, June 26

Friday Catchall: Be prepared for traffic; pack patience

Waiting in traffic requires time and a healthy dose of patience. (Tim Wiederaenders/Courier, file)

Waiting in traffic requires time and a healthy dose of patience. (Tim Wiederaenders/Courier, file)

The Friday Catchall:

• INTERSTATE – While southbound Interstate 17 was closed again Tuesday for a time – because of a crash near Black Canyon City – several readers chimed in on the monumental shutdown that was Aug. 8.

One that was particularly salient came from Pete, who wrote about the list of things to have with you in the car: “I carry a ‘highway box’ in my SUV and check it every time I leave for Phoenix or coming back up the hill. … I carry: 2-3 bottles of Gatorade; 4-6 bottles of water; snack bars and trail mix; 2 umbrellas (one small and one large) - you might need to be outside; rain jacket; hat; winter coat and gloves for that time of year; blanket and a towel or two; toilet paper, paper towels; plastic bags; Simple Green for clean up; hand sanitizer; work gloves; sunscreen; a flashlight and head lamp; car cell phone charger; and a paperback book or some magazines; Kindle works too. And, I gas up before I leave to drive down to the Valley or back. Be prepared is an old Boy Scout motto; so, that is what I do. All of this fits in a relatively small box. Hope this helps.”

I would call it overkill, but I’m guilty of the same, Pete. Thank you for writing.

Gus writes, regarding I-17, “A road could be made from Table Mesa to Rock Springs. And on the hill going up to Sunset (Point) there are several places where a connecting road could be made for emergencies.”

Do you think ADOT is overthinking this (billion-dollar fix)? I say buy a 4-wheel-drive and just be ready.

Another way to and from Phoenix must exist.

• LIGHTS 2.0 – My question about long waits at stop lights also garnered some attention. Gus, who gave some suggestions for I-17, also had this to say about traffic signals in our area:

“There are too many to mention all, but one that vexes me the most as I come and go on Willow Creek is why is the light at Black Drive in sync with the one at Gail Gardner? And coming north, the green for going straight is on along with the left-turn light – even if no one is turning left, and southbound traffic has to wait.

“Getting that stop light at Black Drive going north means that one will probably get a red light at Rosser; while starting at Gail Gardner it would probably be green at Rosser.”

I don’t get it either.

As for the traffic lights that ignore you, when approaching Willow Creek Road on Willow Lake and you want to turn left, one lane has no clue you’re there while the other (on the left) “senses” your presence.

These things matter when you sit there waiting and waiting, folks.

• ROBO CALLS - UPDATE – I mentioned in this space on Aug. 4 I have been getting a lot of incoming sales or scam calls to my cellphone.

Most have been from Arizona area codes or places (Tombstone, Phoenix, Tucson, etc.), aside from others from all over the country.

I thought the use of Arizona area codes was pretty smart on their part. Well, they’ve upped the ante: spoofing a local number from the phone’s contact list.

For example, a reader told us this week about a call that came in from “Yavapai Regional Medical Center.” Who was calling really? A solar company, the reader said.

Again, if you do not recognize the number, don’t answer. If it is pretending to be something from your contact list, I guess you’d have to answer – but then hang up once you know the truth.

It really is getting bad. Remember, though, sometimes this can be as a result of filling out a form online. You never know where that info is going to go.

• QUOTE – “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” – Leo Tolstoy


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