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Mon, March 25

Rants & Raves

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  • Sorry, folks! The D-backs come on strong but fade as the season wears on. If they would not be so arrogant they just might win a pennant. Showing respect for opposing teams just might help them through the season.

  • Russia banned Jehovah’s Witnesses and I wish we could do the same. They won’t take no for an answer. Their unwanted visits should be classified as harassment.

  • RE: Pearsall’s book. I bought the former assessor’s book at the Peregrine. I like a woman who has guts! Good for her; she deserves to tell her story, how she was blindsided by so many people here in Prescott.

  • The county supervisors’ responses to Pam Pearsall’s book, saying that they won’t read it, are exactly what was expected. They don’t care how they are perceived.

  • RE: “Sleepy little Prescott” - The writer failed to mention Obama’s administration and its scandals for eight years. His failure to stop Syria’s genocide. The voters get what they vote for.

  • Prescott may seem like a sleepy town to some but the majority of us ex-first responders and ex-military families love it. It is one town in Arizona that has not been overrun by radical leftists. Not sleepy. Awake.

  • Religious freedom is one thing but harassment by religious organizations is something else. Coming to a home when you have been asked not to is harassment. Good for Russia.

  • Prayer in government is a feel-good diversion. Jesus said, “By their works shall ye know them.” Practice the golden rule and prayer is unnecessary. Amen.

  • There is a God. The so called humanist prayer is God-less or anti God -Communist per Karl Marx.

  • Science. How many ignorant or jaded Americans to screw in a light bulb. None - they believe electricity is not reality. Electricity is a hoax.

  • Per rave on president’s “much better” upcoming health care plan: Congress is trying to pass a warmed over AHCA yet reserve certain popular aspects of the ACA solely for themselves. This is “better?”

  • No texting/talking while driving for EVERYONE!!! Adults don’t do it any better than teens!! HELP US ALL STAY ALIVE - HANG UP AND DRIVE!!!!!

  • YAY Bob Burns. Arizona Public Service and Pinnacle West’s donations made to Arizona Corporation Commission. The only ones who claim the deduction for donations are them, not the public whose rates keep going up and ultimately pay for the donations.

  • It doesn’t surprise me that the council would not vote for this measure (climate change), look at the gas guzzling vehicles they all drive. They truly have no concern for the environment or climate change.

  • The smart Prescott elected officials were put in office by smart voters. I know who my votes will go to during the next election. Keep up the good work!

  • City Council took a forward-looking agreement and created an unnecessarily divisive issue. Council admitted they’d received more public input supporting this agreement than they had on others but as so often happens, politicians chose not to listen to their constituents.

  • The dumbing down of the already not-to-bright AZ children continues with the Senate lowering standards for those who teach. Meanwhile tax dollars are spent on stadiums for grown men who play boys games for big bucks.

  • Raves to our city council for rejecting the Mayors Climate Protection Agreement. Mayor Oberg is correct that the resolution is a political statement. Who melted the Ice Age?

  • If jerks like me make you do dumb things by driving too slow in the left lane, I have a suggestion. Try driving the speed limit and share the road with the rest of us. 

  • Low rated AZ public schools, shortage of teachers, paltry pay, AZ political fix, lower teaching standards. Have to quit asking, “How stupid can you get?” Too many politicians take this as a personal challenge.

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  • I don’t mind paying a little more for my meal at a restaurant due to the increase in minimum wage. I believe it is my Christian duty to give others a helping hand.

  • Once again proving that politicians are liars and a “temporary tax” really means permanent, the sales tax will stay.

  • SUVs: If you drive a Cadillac, Buick, or any other high-priced, powerful comfy vehicle consider this: Drive in the right lane unless doing the posted speed limit and don’t drive at a crawl around curves and hills.

  • Thank you for publishing this article in advance of the upcoming race. Great to see these races/racers evolve over the years. Your articles add to the excitement. Prescott’s ever growing popularity in picturesque mountain biking is special.

  • Obama gets big bucks to speak to Wall Street groups because he speaks out of both sides of his mouth. Really, who cares what he has to say. Now he’s one of the wealthy he ridiculed for eight years.

All Rants&Raves are subject to editing. Submit RANTS&RAVES at or email


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