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Thu, Oct. 17

Rants & Raves

Got something on your mind? Tell us about it in 40 words or less.

  • Per the rant, slow left-lane jerk drivers entice fast right-lane jerk drivers to cut you off and do otherwise dumb things, therefore, move over, speed up or call Uber; look in a mirror!
  • It’s great the number of rehab facilities is down, and the head count of addicts is down. The question is, what has happened to all the druggies who were here? Where have they gone? Have they left our community?
  • Arizona schools are rated poor, teachers among lowest paid, governor sells state land assets, loss of future money, any teacher gets money, governor signs private vouchers bill, now math does not work, schools shafted again. You just can’t fix stupid.
  • RE: “Judge right to overturn murder conviction” - This just proves that evidence is subjective, whether by an “expert” witness, the jury, appellate justices or Supreme Court justices. Might as well eliminate a step and have all trials by judge.
  • Ending “Drive-By ADA Lawsuits?” Hooray for our legislators and for common sense.
  • School vouchers are a scheme to make money off of our taxes. Fix our public schools!
  • While beating his chest about his vote for Empowerment Scholarship Accounts, Rep. David Stringer wrote that underperforming private schools close on their own. Where’s the evidence? He fails to mention that private schools don’t accept everyone.
  • Man-caused climate change is a total FRAUD. Ice cores from millions of years show CO2 rose AFTER warming cycles not before. The United Nations and liberals ignore “facts.”
  • Just read the story of Julia who is autistic and a character on Sesame Street. Too bad the president is going to fire her along with Elmo and the rest.
  • I agree that the Democrats didn’t understand why they lost. However, President Trump has done nothing to convince me that the Republicans are able to show the necessary leadership. Like pushing unproved theories – phantom voters.
  • Why ban cellphone use on only young teens? Adults SHOULD be included. Accidents happen any way you look at it. How many more people have to be hurt or killed?
  • Patience all. Our president is working to give us a health care plan that is much better than the one from the last president. The new one will not require “adoption” before it is fully understood.

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