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Fri, May 24

Letter: Identifying ‘true deplorables’


Hillary Clinton was misguided when she made the statement about Trump supporters being “deplorables.” Many Trump supporters had their legitimate reasons, or their perceived legitimate reasons, to vote for Trump.

Although I am a registered Republican, I did not vote for Trump. My family members who voted for Trump are not deplorables, they had their reasons. My topic is the “true deplorable” and the ease in which they can be identified in the future. As Obama and Clinton bashing fades into the past and no longer can be used as an excuse, the “non-deplorable” Trump supporters will turn a critical eye to focus on what Trump says and does and not be fooled by circus distractions, political side stepping, or by their own frustration with the system. Clinton is in the woods and Obama is wind surfing and let’s leave them there.

Simply stated, six months from now, any person supporting Trump is most likely a true deplorable. This is not to say that they wish Clinton would have won, but simply that Trump should not have been the Republican candidate. Yes, he is unqualified, not a real Republican, and perhaps has a major personality disorder but those are topics for another time.

Anyone still supporting Donald Trump six months from now, is at the very least misinformed, blinded by rigid loyalty, or perhaps truly a “deplorable” person. I can now add a second fun maxim to sort people out… the first was “Never become seriously involved with a woman who has three or more cats”… now let’s add, “Beware of anyone still supporting Trump at the end of 2017”… or why not combine the two into “Never date a Trump supporter that has three or more cats.”

Patrick Leyden



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