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Sun, Sept. 22

Letter: Climate change


This is a response to the climate change letter written by Dr. Roger Jenkins (who is my PCP). Dr. Jenkins refers to a Bloomberg article to justify his position that man is the cause of global warming. However, this article uses temperature records of the past 125 years. It also shows a temperature rise of less than 2 degrees Fahrenheit during this 125 years.

Consider that geological findings show that the earth has been both cooler and warmer than it is now over the past 10 million years. Going back further (600 million years), we find “snowball earth,” where the entire surface of the earth was covered in ice and snow. I submit that no SUVs were present to cause these events. Why are we now told that man must be the main cause of the 2-degree rise in global temperature?

Using 125 years as the totality of change means that we are to consider .00125 percent of the total global temperature changes of the past 10 million years to form economically devastating policy. This is not a reasonable way to create policy. Especially considering that countries such as China and India agree to implement the proposed changes – as long as they do not apply to them. The “Al Gore” proposals affect the U.S. population and economy adversely, but not the worst (demonstrated) polluters on earth.

A few weeks ago, the good doctor and I had a discussion about the changes in the position of the medical industry in many areas. Fifty years ago, we were told that certain items, such as eggs, were to be avoided at all cost. Now eggs and other items/practices are considered good. Same applies to climate change.

Follow the money. Who profits from draconian measures to curtail U.S. industry?

John Hoy


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