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Thu, March 21

Letter: ACA costs, benefits


News Editor Ken Sain tells us a CNN Poll in January found 49 percent of Americans approved of Obamacare.

Could it be that this 49 percent are the folks getting the big subsidies to help pay for their insurance? These subsidies have helped push the national debt into the $20 trillion range and growing.

This debt level is not sustainable, there must be major cuts to our spending before the entire system fails. Check out how our GDP runs up against the debt, it will scare the hell out of you.

The media never wants to talk about the huge debt President Obama piled on in his eight years. Mr. Sain also forgets that the ACA was passed without one Republican vote.

Who can forget Obama and his “you can keep your plan and your doctor”? How long is it taking to get appointments with any doctors now?

Obama made lots of changes to ACA without going back to Congress and the Democrats let him do it.

The ACA blew up the healthcare system for three quarters of the population in order to give care to the remaining one-fourth.

Richard Shanks

Prescott Valley


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