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Sun, March 24

Letter: What are our actions telling our children?


In the “Our Readers Speak,” I believe someone within your entity lowered the standards of the newspaper by printing Harry Haff’s opinion. Our country is presently inundated with the viciousness of the harsh verbiage, unsubstantiated lies, bigotry, etc., regarding the upcoming election, and because the country’s printed newspapers and the TV news stations find it allowable – again “news worthy” without verification.

The staff at the Courier has, in my opinion, stooped to the same level (unfavorable standards) – anything is newsworthy even if it’s never been verified. Mr. Haff, evidently a Prescott resident, has taken it upon himself to demonize dozens of our country’s elected officials where three of our state representatives were included. Is it commonplace that the staff of the Courier is allowed to find it acceptable to print an article that will accuse a person(s) of a blatant falsity where no research has been verified? 

In taking note of the long list of names, only Republicans were mentioned, which leads me to believe that Mr. Haff is a Democrat. I’ve never missed voting in any election, going back 60 years. There’s no party dedication in my voting privilege; I’ve voted for candidates representing both parties. There’s been years when I’m satisfied with the outcome of an election, and other years when I’ve been disappointed but whatever the outcome, character accusations and/or defaming a person is never an acceptable way to get your point across.  It also shows ignorance and the lack of an “open mind” where a person is unable to debate “anything” in an intelligent, non-slanderous way.  

Did we not inform, strongly, our children not to call others names?  If it was unacceptable, then why is it not unacceptable now? What pray tell are our actions telling our children and young adults today? The Courier’s decision to print Mr. Haff’s opinion was an injustice to not only the elected officials mentioned but to your readers.  For Mr. Haff to imply that dozens of Republican officials will have the power to quote: “Dismantle and/or degrade our National Parks is wildly illogical.” Mr. Haff’s dislike (more strongly put, hatred) for the Republican Party represents and furthers the discord that is now so present during this upcoming election. 

Joann Davis



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