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Tue, May 21

Letter to the editor: Motor park needs vetting


As a tax-paying resident and property owner in Chino Valley, I and my neighbors have serious life quality and health concerns related directly to the proposed motor sports park approximately one mile from our homes.

As residents who have pre-existed the proposed facility at Old Home Manor, our wellbeing as local Chino Valley people should absolutely superceed the desire of some local and many out-of-area race promoters to have this track built so close to residential neighborhoods.

In many communities across the country, including Goodyear, Arizona, Flathead County, Montana, Wayne County, Ohio, among others, courts, including appellate courts, and local governments have found for residents in the sound and pollution shadow of motor parks and forced their closure. Mr. John Brinkley expects 5,000 attendees a day in the future as he expands the venue.

Mr. Brinkley, who has spearheaded this track, had proposed this same plan in 2002 at the same location and was rejected by the Town of Chino Valley. The story is available in the archive of the local paper.

The 95-decibel (dB) noise level standard that is promised is already above the 85 Db level recommended by OSHA. If we wish to know what the noise level actually sounds like in the nearby neighborhoods, please see Unless we stand a mile from an existing track with only pasture in between, we will not know what this devastating sound is until it is too late.

This will be a din every weekend to 10 p.m. or later for six months a year. It will compromise our life and health and our ability to maintain our property value if we choose to sell.

Due diligence must be done by our local council. Mr. Brinkley and every facet of this proposal must be thoroughly vetted to protect the citizens and not fast-tracked to meet Mr. Brinkley’s schedule. There needs to be follow-up public hearings in which all of the, as yet unanswered, questions are addressed in a systematic and professional manner.

If Chino Valley citizens held a special election to approve a KOA campground, one is certainly appropriate for a project like this with far greater community impact. Thank you for your attention and support.

J. A. Miller, Chino Valley


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