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Sun, July 21

Letter to the editor: Choose Trump


Hopefully by now everyone has taken a deep breath and grabbed hold of themselves regarding the 2005 locker room banter revealed involving Donald Trump.

I am frankly saddened by all the self-righteous hand-wringing on both sides of the political aisle. It is to be expected from Democrats who want to win at any cost and, unfortunately given the current cabal of elites in the Republican Party, it is foolish to think they would “man up” and stand with the party’s nominee.

Am I offended/surprised by what was said? No. I live in the real world and know that this is what the vast majority of men do when participating in testosterone driven situations/settings. Frankly, women can be just as crass when having “girl’s night out” escapades. Do I like that this was said? No. What I find fascinating is that if we apply a benchmark to run for president of never having said anything that is crude and/or stupid, then not a single person will qualify. We are all flawed human beings.

My primary concerns for the upcoming election are: 1) which candidate will revive the economy; 2) which candidate will address national safety by providing border control and security; 3) which candidate will restore integrity to the departments of Justice and State and last, 4) which candidate will preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

Trump is a flawed candidate but there is no denying that he loves this country. Hillary Clinton loves herself and the money and power she will control should she be elected. The choice is obvious – Donald Trump needs to be our next president.

Judy Blackford, Prescott


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