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Thu, April 18

Letter: Republican party


I am greatly disappointed that we who are conservative, pro-Constitution Republicans have no Senators to represent us in Washington.

I was initially shocked when Sen. Jeff Flake declared that he was not supporting Donald Trump, our party’s nominee for President. But then I realized that he was just “jumping on the band wagon” to support the “establishment politics” in our federal government. Then John McCain jumped on the band wagon of those who want to keep the status quo. Since he has so many years of “experience” in Washington, he is astute enough to know to wait until he had been nominated for his next term before he declares his real intentions.

At least, in the primary we had a choice – but now we are stuck with McCain as our party’s nominee for Senator from Arizona. I won’t even “write in the name of a good conservative Republican” for the senate seat. I just won’t vote for that position! So we will be stuck with two RINO (Republican in Name Only) senators from Arizona, as usual.

But I will be watching to see who is running against Flake when he comes up for re-election. Hopefully, it will be someone who is not tied in with establishment politicians – someone who is more like Trump (but without the “bad” language).

Kudos to Robert Graham, chairman of Arizona’s Republican Party, for continuing to support Trump. I especially like Mr. Graham’s comment, “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”

Janie Curtis


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