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Fri, March 22

Letter to the editor: 2nd Amendment


No one wants or needs higher taxes and no gun owner wants to lose that right.

So Arizonans, be careful how you vote.

Hillary Clinton wants to completely do away with the Second Amendment (or interpret it as “militia” only, not private ownership), even though 26 Democrats who participated in the “Gun Control Sit-in” in June 2016 are gun owners.

Donald Trump may not appeal to some, however, he is the choice of 600 million gun owners and over 5 million members of the National Rifle Association, and those are just the ones we know of.

Whether you are a gun owner or not, you must stop and think! Do I want another four years of denigrating the role of police officers and veterans who put their lives on the line daily or have fought for our nation’s freedom? Or that agencies of the federal government, designed to insure bank deposits would be using its power to coerce banks into denying service to law-abiding segments of the firearms trade? Yes! It’s called Operation Choke-Point, and it is still ongoing.

Think about it before you vote.

And remember the quote from Charlton Heston: “Register to vote or register your guns.”

Robert E. Brown, Cherryvale, Kansas


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