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Wed, March 20

Letter to the editor: Religion of peace?


How many know that in President Obama’s White House are 14 members of the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization that supports al Qaeda, Hamas (translated, the name means violence), Hezbollah, and CAIR, a front group for the brotherhood that helps to educate non-Muslim school children, though in most cases, indoctrination is a more apt term?

This is one of the more subtle ways that is used to teach children about this religion, though it is illegal to do this sort of thing. Let a Christian attempt such a thing and see what happens. This does not show Obama’s ignorance, but a concrete plan to destroy our Judeo Christian heritage. Why are terrorists working in our government?

And Hillary Clinton is complicit in this terrorist plot. While she was Secretary of State, she worked closely with the brotherhood. It was Clinton who helped propose the law to make it a crime to speak against and offend Islam.

So while Christians in Michigan have rocks thrown at them by the religion of peace, the democrats do their best to restrict American freedom.

Michael Aijlman, Dewey


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