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Fri, April 19

Around the Bluhmin’ Town column: Do thieves read?

Do thieves read papers? Well, I doubt it, but just in case, here goes. Would the thief who stole my grandson’s tile saw out of the back of his pick-up truck please return it?! You can just send me an email and I will tell you where to bring it. When you stole this young man’s tile saw you must have known that you also robbed him of his ability to earn a living. Oh, and that $100 drill is also pretty important.

Yes, my grandson, Connor, went to a big box store to run in for a bag of grout. Within 15 minutes his tools were gone. And a huge tile saw is no light-weight item.

Life is a learning process. Sometimes we don’t see the danger lurking. We take chances. We don’t bolt down our valuables. (My friend had six wagon wheels stolen that were displayed on the inside of his front fence.) We ladies sometimes go to the grocery store, place our handbags in the front of the cart and then walk away while we look at items. Bad idea! We also might leave something as important as our wallet inside our locked vehicle. Inviting disaster!

Of course, thievery is as old as time and has no particulars boundaries. Thankfully, the majority of people are kind and honest folks. But those despicable few cause havoc for the rest of us.

Hey, stealing is not just a “human problem.” In some towns in India the local residents are inundated with thieving monkeys that steal children’s lunches as they walk to school, take food items right off of peoples’ porches, grab pieces of fruit from markets. It has gotten so bad that a few towns have built “prisons” for these thieving monkeys! I am not making this up!

My grandmother, Helga, was one tough lady. Back in the 1940s she was working as a clerk for Western Union and was held up at gunpoint. Demanding she hand over the cash in her drawer, she looked at the hapless thief and shouted, “No. I would get fired. Now go away.” He ran out the door and she never blinked. Perhaps not the wisest response, but my grandmother was not the kind of woman to mess around with. Thieves beware!

I have a colleague who flew back to Phoenix from London and while using the restroom at Sky Harbor Airport hung her purse on the stall’s inside hook. In a flash of a second a hand reached over the stall door, grabbed her purse and the thief ran away with all my friend’s important possessions: driver’s license, credit cards, passport, health insurance cards, car keys, house keys, cell phone and money. Not a good way to end a vacation!

Stealing is against our moral fiber and everything we stand for. We work hard, follow the rules, try to make a living, and someone comes along and takes what is rightfully ours. Leaving us in a mess of grand proportions. Not to mention the anger that follows. Stealing goes against our grain and is simply wrong.

Last summer I was waiting patiently to pick the apples on my tree. Visions of pies and tarts filling my head. And then one day my husband, Doug, came running in the house yelling, “Every apple is gone.” Yes, very sad but true. In my front yard, through my open gate, sits a pretty little apple tree that was plucked clean last year. What the heck is happening when someone steals your apples?

So, Dear Readers, while I realize no thieves read this fine newspaper, and there is zero chance of “speaking” to the perpetrator who took a certain tile saw, let this be a warning for all of us.

Stay alert, my friends.

Judy Bluhm is a writer and a local realtor. Have a comment or story? Email Judy at


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