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Fri, April 26

Column: Do words mean more than actions?

Eleven years ago, Donald Trump made a profane statement about women to another man while he was “miked up.” Taken out of context, Trump’s word were asinine and offensive. Spoken in the context of the locker room situation, those same words are indicative of nothing. He obviously didn’t know the conversation was recorded or that it would be kept for over a decade. Trump most probably didn’t think the country would go so far downhill that he would feel obligated to run for the presidency. His words were degrading and shocking in that they came to light during a campaign for the President of the United States.

What’s not surprising is that two men would engage in such a conversation outside the presence of women. Men do this all of the time. If a man says he has never engaged in such a conversation about women, he is either a saint, a liar or gay. If he’s gay, he more than likely has had similar words about men, with other gay men. I admit it. We men are pigs. We tell dirty jokes. We occasionally scratch sensitive personal areas during sporting events and we have our kids and grandkids pull our fingers. (You know what I mean).

Is it at all believable that women, in groups of two or more, do not speak disparagingly about their boyfriends, husbands or men in general? Perhaps they are not as explicit or profane, but from what is heard in public by some younger women, the same or similar words might be used. Were women really so shocked by Trump’s words? As my former comrade-in-arms at the Long Beach Police Department, Tim Ferrill stated, “If that offended women, who in the hell bought 80 million copies of ‘50 Shades of Grey?’

In any event, Trump apologized and said he was embarrassed by those statements. What I found most dispiriting, though, was the way the “establishment Republicans” started to jump ship. It was as if this was the moment they were waiting for, the excuse they could use to withdraw their support for Trump without experiencing the backlash from conservative voters. They are wrong.

You have to give the Democrats their due. When any of their politicians gets into trouble, they rally behind them. Federal Judge Alcee Hastings gets impeached by congress for accepting bribes, and loses his judgeship. What do the Dems do? They elect him to Congress. Marion Berry gets reelected Mayor of Washington, DC after he is seen in a video smoking crack cocaine. When Bill Clinton committed perjury, Democrats came forward excusing his lies, because they were “just about sex.”

The Clinton campaign releases a video of Trump’s crude comments that are more than a decade old, and hoards of the establishment GOP are suddenly worried and offended that their wives, mothers, sisters and daughters would develop the vapors when they hear Trump’s exchange with Billie Bush. What sanctimonious hypocrites. What pusillanimous politicians.

Our Arizona US Senators are the worst. Does anyone truly believe that John McCain, a Navy pilot, never used similar language when speaking with his fellow sailors? He probably said more degrading things in the Senate Men’s room. Jeff Flake is at least as bad. I’ve heard him speak on a couple of occasions, and the only thing he talked about is how proud he is of the fact that he is the fourth or fifth generation native Arizonan. Other than being John McCain’s fawning lapdog, what has Flake accomplished in the Senate?

Trump committed no crime. As repugnant as Trump’s “locker room” statements of 11 years ago were, no one died as a result of his words.  How many Americans died in Benghazi?  No one lost jobs because of what Trump said, like in Hillary’s Travelgate scandal.  Trump’s private words didn’t expose any of our nation’s secrets to enemies, like Hillary’s private server and illegal email devices did.  Trump’s remarks didn’t put the whole country at risk, like the Iran nuclear treaty that Hillary, Obama and Kerry negotiated. This is their best shot. All they have against Trump is his inappropriate words spoken 11 years ago. Hillary’s actions putting Americans and the country at risk speak much louder than Trump’s words.

This election is about change. The establishments in both the Democrat and the Republican parties do not want that change. They want the status quo. Politicians are held in such low esteem by the public because the people know or can sense the corruption in Washington. These same pols think that the voters are stupid. The voters are finally figuring out that there is something very objectionable about those who go to the capitol as middle class elected or bureaucratic officials, and leave millionaires.


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