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Tue, Feb. 19
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Letter: Vote


Buz Williams, in his “Don’t Vote if…” piece, suggests that if you vote for a candidate because of political party only that you should “sit out the election.” I would suggest that if Conservative Republicans take his advice, a majority would not vote in the upcoming election. However, Conservatives don’t trust Trump. He is a wild card with an ideology that has teetered from pro-choice to pro-life, from pro-government to anti-government, and from gun background checks to “I love the NRA.” They don’t like his shady real estate deals, loose financial dealings with foundation monies, or his swindling of students at Trump University. They are skeptical of his alignment with white supremacist groups and business ties with Russia. They are uncertain about his proposed economic policies since he doesn’t seem to understand basic economics. However, many Conservatives will grudgingly vote for Trump, only because of political party.

If Democrats want to win in November, they must vote. Vote for public education, teachers and unions. Vote for gun sense, criminal and social justice, health care and for lowering student debt. Vote for the equal pay for women. Vote for support of children, blacks, immigrants, LGBTQ, the disabled, and veterans. Vote for a woman’s right to choose, the right to universal health care, and the right to vote. Vote to get money and it’s every increasing influence out of politics. Vote to avoid another Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court. Vote for Hillary.

Hillary has the experience, the knowledge, the intelligence, and the strength to lead our country, to grow the economy, to create jobs. I trust her to do the right thing in any situation. If all Democrats and Independents sit this one out, we will face increasing income inequality, economic recession, loss of freedom, and world chaos. Finally, if Democrats and Independents don’t get out and vote, we’ll have an unpredictable, inexperienced demagogue in the White House.

Bob Lynne



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