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Thu, Jan. 23

Around the Bluhmin’ Town column: Selfie world - how would we survive otherwise?

I took a selfie. It didn’t turn out very well, because I have decided that most photos of scenery, people or grandkids seem to look better if I am not in them. But while holding a carrot, I snapped a picture of me and my big old horse, Baxter. I think to complete the “selfie trend” I was suppose to post it on Facebook, but didn’t because Baxter looked very handsome and me not-so-much.

When did human beings become so self-absorbed? The craze to take selfies – especially in dangerous places like the edges of cliffs, rocky ledges at the Grand Canyon and with wildlife at National Parks cause numerous deaths every year! A few National Parks closed their season early when the Park Rangers were alarmed to see the number of selfies being posted with bears! People, if you see a big black bear, do not stop and snap a selfie with it. You will die!

People have fallen to their death off of cliffs, been crushed by trains, hit by cars, crashed their planes (thankfully, no commercial pilots do this) and drown in oceans while taking selfies. Now smart phone makers are considering coming out with an app that will set off an alarm if it senses (seeing through the lens) that you are in danger. OK, that is nice. My phone will beep to tell me I shouldn’t try to snap a picture of myself with a huge mountain lion in the background while I am teetering on a rocky outcropping overlooking a raging river. I feel safer already.

Distraction and danger is not just lurking because of selfies. Distraction due to texting seems to be one of the biggest causes of walking and car accidents in America. One lady was so angry because she walked (while busy texting) right into a fountain at a mall, that she filed a lawsuit against the shopping mall because the fountain “was an unnecessary danger that serves no purpose except to create a hazardous situation.” Hey lady, I don’t want to be mean, but pay attention to where you are going!

Since Thankgiving Day just passed, I thought the selfie taken by the woman who was bending over a hot, open oven to show herself with the huge turkey she was roasting was funny. Wait, did her hair just catch on fire? Hairspray and a hot gas burner is evidently a combustible situation. Wouldn’t it be better to just cook the dang meal? Oh, and then there was the selfie of the man carving the turkey. You know snapping a photo from your phone with one hand, while holding a very large knife with the other, can cause you to end up whacking a lit candle that sets the tablecloth on fire. Yikes! How will we ever survive if we cannot stop snapping photos?

Then there was the lady who took a selfie while bending over her KitchenAid Mixer. Guess she was trying to prove that she was really making a cake when the tips of her hair got caught in the bowl and tangled up in the blades. Not the selfie she was hoping for and it became the “screaming woman video” that was taken by her husband as he cut off her hair. Oh yea, taking pictures while baking, cooking, walking or driving cannot end well! We are killing ourselves to be on Facebook or Instagram.

When I asked one of my grandsons what is the “big deal” about selfies, he replied that it makes a photo more “authentic” by proving you were actually “there.” Like with the bear, on the cliff or in the oven? So to be “totally authentic,” I did take a selfie, riding my horse while he galloped away from a bear jumping off of a cliff. Not sure why the editor of this fine paper didn’t print it ... but Dear Readers, if “seeing is believing,” maybe we have seen too much.

Judy Bluhm is a Realtor and a local realtor. Have a story or a comment? Email Judy at

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