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Tue, March 26

Letter: Trump protestors


Have you noticed that all of the Trump protestors are either millennials or minorities? At first I was angry with the millennials who think the world owes them a living. After calming down, I began to rationalize that they are not at fault, but rather the victims of brainwashing by their liberal teachers who think it’s OK to excuse them from taking a final exam, or skipping class to protest because they didn’t get their way in the election and are emotionally upset.

Our schools are supposed to be teaching the next generation how to be successful in the real world. Instead, they are producing a bunch of cry baby spoiled brats who can’t cope with reality, and are clueless about the realities of life. How can teachers prepare students for the real world when most teachers have never had a job in the business world? Teachers are as clueless as millennials when it comes to responsibility, integrity, ambition, creativity and all of the other virtues that make for successful people. The old saying is really true: “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.”

As for the minorities who are protesting Trump, they are either thugs, illegals or government dependent freeloaders. Here is some news for all of you, millennials included, nobody owes you anything. Get out of your “safe place,” wipe the drool off your chin, stop crying like a baby and face reality. As for the parents of these protestors, you are equally at fault. The schools won’t prepare your spoiled little brats for success without your guidance, assuming you are not government dependent freeloaders yourselves.

Wayne Compton



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