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Mon, March 25

Letter: Motor sports park


With respect to the proposed motor sports park in Chino Valley, several issues and critical questions have not been publicly addressed and warrant at the very least, a second and third public hearing in which all concerns of citizens are quickly addressed beyond the obvious noise, dust and traffic issues.

I proposed the following be part of full disclosure by the town council:

  1. How has the town of Chino Valley acquired the property and under what authority can they lease the property?

  2. What are the specific terms, conditions and dollar amounts of the lease? Of great importance, what specific provisions are part of the wording which guarantees the rights of property owners and residents to a normal daily quality of life, if and when the promised noise, dust, traffic and sanitation, etc abatements are not put into place or enforced? A 20-year lease renewable in five years can guarantee locals five years of misery and health issues if no sanctions for violations are in place and enforceable, including cancellation of the lease by the town council.

  3. From the proposed revenues to the town (as yet undisclosed) how is this revenue to be used?

a. For added city costs for the additional policing, fire department plus the unforeseen costs to the town.

b. For projects that benefit all Chino residents.

  1. How does Mr. Brinkley propose to handle parking lot dusts, added pollution to the valley at large from high performance engines? Please refer to this article regarding the ongoing threat of Valley Fever. Forty-one cases are now present in Yavapai County.

  2. No one has measured noise level impacts on various neighbors. Noise monitors outside the park near major residential locations must be included in the lease terms.

Please remember that we as citizens reserve the right to vote to remove council members who do not serve the best interests of the community as a whole.

A. DeRiso

Chino Valley


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