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Sun, Aug. 25

Letter: Creative bias


David McNabb continues with his series of letters supporting creationism (Oct. 12). He is entitled to his opinions but readers should be aware of his bias. The majority of people alive today, even the majority of Christians, reject the pseudoscience promoted by creationists – together with their conviction that the Bible is the word of God without any errors.

The term “creation science” is an oxymoron because creationist beliefs are based on religion, not on science. Creationists reject the scientific theory of evolution, and a number of other scientific theories. McNabb claims that thousands of scientists deny evolution, but what is the percentage? Research by the Pew organization shows that 98 percent of AAAS scientists (American Association for the Advancement of Science) accept evolution. Another statistic: 99.8 percent of US Earth and

Life Scientists accept evolution.

McNabb’s says the scientists who present creation science seminars are at the top of their fields. You have to wonder why these “top scholars” haven’t presented their evidence against evolution. Any expert who disagrees with evolution can give their evidence to the science group that specializes in this subject – to be published in their science journals. Creationist scholars could also present their evidence for a “Young

Earth” (under 10,000 years old).

The Bible is a sacred document, and gives divine guidance to all Christians, but it also contains legends and history. Genesis has two creation stories, which differ in the sequence of events. Biblical scholars also have analytical groups like scientists, who specialize in certain aspects of the Bible. They’ve concluded the story of Noah’s flood in Genesis is actually two intermingled stories – that’s why there are a number of contradictory verses. Scholars can explain why two versions of the creation story and the flood story occur. After King David’s reign, the nation of Israel split into two nations (Israel & Judah). Over time, these oral stories changed and diverged, becoming two similar but different stories.

Do you believe that Jonah could have survived for three days in the belly of a large fish? Many Biblical stories are legends, not what actually happened. When the Bible was written down, the Israelites only knew a small part of the World. Do you wonder how Noah gathered all the food the different animals would need, and how did he keep it fresh for a year? How did kangaroos and koala bears get from Mount Ararat to Australia, and why aren’t these animals found anywhere else?

Which of the two creationist stories should be taught in public schools? What about the Navajo and Hopi creation stories? Because of the first amendment to the constitution, only the accepted science of evolution can be taught. Creationists know this but still fight futilely!

Nigel Reynolds


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