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Tue, Feb. 25

Talk of the Town: 31,000 scientists say no evidence of climate change

More than 31,000 physicists and physical chemists (more than 9,000 with a Ph.D. - by far the most signatures) agree with the statement that “there is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of . . . carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate.”

Yet, in a recent Talk of the Town opinion piece the statement is made that “every major scientific journal in the United States supports the notion that there is global warming and that it is cause [sic] by man’s activities.” Indeed our president (and many others) assures us that 97 percent of scientists believe in “anthropogenic” (man-made) global warming (or “climate-change), which he declares is more dangerous than radical Islamic Terrorism.

First, consensus is about politics, not science. But let’s look at the so-called “consensus of scientists” claim of the Global Warming zealots. You might not know it but there are surveys of large numbers of so-called scientists, including “climate scientists” to support both sides of this debate about man-made climate change. Both sides discredit the other’s approach and findings. I have in my files numerous surveys of scientists in the thousands and tens of thousands who do not agree with the anthropogenic (man-made) climate change theories. A recent article (5/24/15) in the Wall Street Journal entitled “The Myth of Climate Change ‘97%’ “ (by J. Bast, and Roy Spencer a renown Climate Scientist) effectively debunks the President’s claims of such consensus, citing such surveys as the Petition Project (cited above).

Similarly James Taylor wrote in Forbes ( jamestaylor) “Peer-Reviewed Survey Finds Majority of Scientists Skeptical of Global Warming Crisis,” citing a survey (Sage Journal Organization Studies November 2012 vol. 33 no. 11 1477-1506) which shows that “only 36 percent of geoscientists and engineers believe that humans are creating a global warming crisis, …” A look at the findings reflects Mr. Taylor’s characterization, even though the authors of the study try to deny it, and explain it away.

One thing is for sure - one side has an agenda and is using politically-driven propaganda techniques to suppress their opposition, rather than actual science. One might note that opinion pieces such as the one addressed above, do not cite scientific facts. Rather they repeat the mantras of the political left about the mythical “consensus of scientists,” and how destructive and dangerous climate change is and will be. Such so-called scientists cherry pick the data from actual observation telling us for example that the glaciers are melting, while in fact the experts on the subject tell us that on the whole the glaciers globally are growing, and Polar Bear population is healthier than ever.

It seems that every year is supposedly “the hottest year ever” even though actual higher altitude (lower atmosphere) measurements show a decrease in temperature since an El Nino high in 1998 (compared only to the previous 30 years). According to Climate Change gurus New York was supposed to be under water years ago - I guess I missed that event, being a “denier.” Now to see the claims that global terrorism, and according to Mr. Strasser even health problems, are being caused by “Global Warming deniers” - seems a little over the top. Somehow he seems to be able to blame “climate-change deniers” with problems that are mostly the result of the political left’s governance, redistributing the wealth by taxing the rich and corporations. Falling for another distortion of the climate-change promoters, he claims that all the scientists who actually use science to refute their very unscientific claims are in the pockets of the big oil and coal industry complex. Such claims are simply libelous, of the same nature as the preposterous claims that climate change is a 20th century phenomenon, or that the planet was never warmer (a la Michael Mann’s thoroughly debunked Hockey Stick graph), or that a few degrees of warming would be catastrophic to the planet (factual history proves otherwise).

If we want to talk about deniers, let us address the facts about the bias in the mainstream media, and in particular the NY Times, and for that matter the so-called “scientific journals.”

J. Mike Byrd, BS, MA, MS, is a retired aerospace engineer, math teacher and business owner.

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