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Tue, June 18

Letter: Tell lawmakers ‘no’ on 123


On Tuesday, May 17, Arizona voters will be presented with Proposition 123, which is crafted to endow funds to our lagging education system (49th in the country). If this legislation wins voter approval, we will once again surrender precious undeveloped land to profit-driven corporate land grabbers, and lose another massive parcel of wilderness for the sake of profit by a very few.

Those of us who fight to protect our undeveloped wilderness are continually besieged by these onslaughts, and must repeatedly win battles that these earth mongers need only win once.

Our educators are in desperate need of funding and support, which was supposed to come via voter approved Prop 301, and was curiously and quite arguably redirected elsewhere.

Arizona has a massive budget surplus, and has no need to sell precious wilderness to help our beleaguered teachers. Voting no for Prop 123 is right because it will protect our heritage, and pressure our legislators to fulfill their obligation to uphold citizen-approved law instead of catering to the whims of the select wealthy few.

The disregard our legislators have for education is appalling, embarrassing and quite frankly, insulting to anyone of moderate intelligence. Let’s make the decision to invest in our future instead of stealing from it. Our government is supposed to work for its citizens, not in spite of them. No on Prop 123!

Brian Holmes



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