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Tue, Oct. 22

City of Prescott’s group homes list reveals web of owners, operators

PRESCOTT – A list maintained by the City of Prescott shows there are some 164 homes city officials have determined or believe are group homes.

The Daily Courier obtained the list through a public records request to the city. City officials redacted information about four entries on the list, explaining those are emergency shelters and, in the interest of protecting the privacy of people who own, operate or patronize the shelters, they are not subject to the newspaper’s records request.

Of the remaining list, two homes are listed as adult care centers, three for people with developmental disabilities and one for gambling recovery. For six entries on the list, Prescott city officials did not indicate what type of support services the home provided.

The city categorized the remaining 148 as either focused on drugs and alcohol addiction recovery, or having multiple focuses.

An analysis of the complete list shows the variety of owners and operators running these homes.

The Daily Courier compared the city’s records against Yavapai County’s property ownership records and the state’s database of corporations, compiling a database of every identifiable company or individual connected to the group homes industry.

First, it should be noted the city’s list contains some outdated information. City officials have been developing the list for at least two years, and it contains at least 33 entries for homes that appear to have been sold since the city collected its information.

In some cases, home ownership was transferred to a corporation with connections to the drug and alcohol rehabilitation industry.

However, in other cases, it appears homes were sold and no longer owned or operated by the companies and people on the city’s list.

City Planning Manager George Worley said the list is constantly changing and the city updates it as new information becomes available. He further explained that the list contains a fair amount of historical artifacts that may not reflect the ownership and operation of group homes currently in the city.

One notable example is the home of Prescott City Attorney Jon Paladini, which he purchased in early 2014, about a year after taking his job with the city. Prior to his purchase of the home, city records indicate Decision Point operated a group home there.

“The house sat vacant for about a year and a half ... the group home closed, before I bought it,” Paladini said, confirming that he lives in the house.

The city has marked the entry for Paladini’s home as “discontinued” – the only such entry on the city’s list – but other entries on the list reflect a reality that the city has been unable to verify operators of some homes.

In another example, homeowners sold two houses previously listed as operated by Embark Sober Living. The city indicates one home is now operated by Carleton Recovery Center, but there’s no new information for the other.

What is clear from the information in the city’s records is that there are a handful of major players operating many group homes.

Some takeaways from the list of prominent operator include:

• The Solution House operates 24 group homes, according to the city’s list, some of which are owned by subsidiary companies including The Bridges Network and LNK Holdings. An address cross-check showed corporate agents for The Solution House share an address with a corporate agent listed for Paramount Recovery Services, which the city reports as operating two homes.

• A Sober Way reportedly operates 20 homes. Two organizations with connections to A Sober Way – Clean Adventures of Sober Living and Oasis Addiction Counseling – apparently operate another six.

• Carleton Recovery Center appears to have ties to Decision Point. The two companies operate 17 group homes, according to the city’s list, three of which are owned by yet another affiliate company, NTD Properties. All three companies share some or all of their corporate officers and have ties to company called DPC Behavioral Health.

• The Next Step Transitional Living runs 10 homes, according to the city records. Most of the company’s homes appear to be leased from private owners with no obvious connections.

• West Yavapai Guidance Clinic reportedly owns and operates seven group homes, and is operating an eighth under a lease from a private owner.

Further analysis of the list also reveals connections between seemingly separate organizations.

For example, two companies, Footprints Recovery Home and New Freedom Recovery House, share several corporate agents, as well as a common attorney who filed paperwork with the state. The companies operate five different group homes, according to the city’s list.

A third company, Recovery in the Pines, operates a home whose owner’s address is the same as one of the corporate agents listed for Footprints Recovery Home and New Freedom Recovery House.

There are a few other similar connections between owners and operators, but from outward appearances, most of the remaining group homes in Prescott are independently owned, and many operators run fewer than three homes.

In the end, the city’s list shows the sheer size of the group homes industry: More than 300 individuals or companies are connected to the ownership and operation of group homes in Prescott.

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