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Thu, Jan. 23

Letter: World Book facts


Obviously, letter writer Bob Lynne gets his democrat talking points form “Politifact” and other distorted publications.

The debts accumulated by the presidents G.W. Bush and Obama can be determined from the annuals of the World Book Encyclopedia. Each year they publish the 19 government expenditures and the tax revenues collected. Since this publication is a private enterprise, care is taken to give valid data. If they did not, their competition would drive them out of business.

According to the World Book annuals, G.W. Bush accumulated a debt of nearly $2,000 billion in eight years, pushing the total debt to over $10,000 billion. In seven years, Obama has accumulated a debt of $6,000 billion, which is three times that of G.W. Bush. I am sure Lynne’s claim of Ronald Reagan’s debt is as phony as his comparison of Bush and Obama debts.

Lynne has also forgotten the fact that Iraq used chemical weapons in its war with Iran and against the Kurds. CNN TV was on site showing the deaths of civilian Kurds due to chemical weapons. Also, Iraq violated 14 UN resolutions in an attempt to hide their chemical weapons. Israel, England, Germany and U.S. intelligence agencies all claimed Iraq had chemical weapons, obviously, they had used them. G.W. Bush took the intelligence data from the best sources.

For Reagan’s tax cuts, the highest tax rate of 70 percent was reduced to 28 percent and tax revenues grew by 75 percent from 1981 to 1988. Contrary to Lynne’s claim, the 1980s was a time of economic growth, but maybe he missed it. Also, the tax cut by G.W. Bush increased the tax revenue by 42 percent. This data is provided by the annuals of the World Book Encyclopedia.

Obama is the first president in modern times who did not have one quarter with a GDP growth rate of 3 percent. His average growth rate for the GDP is less than 2 percent for his seven years in office and that is why we are still in a recession. Where has Lynne been?

Obama lied about his healthcare program, the IRS corruption, the Fast and Furious program, the threat of ISIS, the Benghazi terrorists attack, the phony unemployment numbers, our economic progress, and the list goes on.

Hillary Clinton has lied about the Benghazi attack and several times about her emails, which is a serious offense as the FBI is investigating thousands of security violations.

I will not choose a criminal, such as Hillary, or a socialist as Bernie Sanders for president any day.

Jerry Fowler


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